How To Deal With Your Love Addiction


The movies, the books, the media; it all portrays love to be a drug. We are addicted to it, we crave it, we need it, we want it etc. We are addicted to it, so if that is the case why don’t we treat our addiction for love the same way with deal with addiction of other drugs?

Falling in love is seriously like smoking crack, once you fall in love once you become addicted to it and want to fall in love again and again after that. There is such a high feeling that you get when you smoke and it’s the same when you fall in love. So, once you are in love you want to feel that high forever. This is why crack heads/ potheads smoke and get high 24/7. They have to crave their addiction.

When you are addicted to love, the second things in a relationship go south all hell break loose. When you take drugs away from an addict are they okay with it? No, they go bat-shit crazy.

And that’s exactly what happens to a person addicted to love.

Have you ever noticed that you have a hard time letting go of relationships, especially ones that you know are not good for you or not meant to last? It is because every relationship that you are in is a new drug that you become addicted to. I’ve been in a few serious relationships in my lifetime. After every break up I could not let go. I felt as if my world was ending right before my eyes. I was addicted and once one relationship was over I had to be onto the next one, because I was addicted to the idea of love.

Consider the way that love affects your body, it is similar to the way that drugs slow motor skills and giving you that feeling of being high. Those butterflies that you get when you first fall in love. Yeah, that’s an adrenaline rush similar to ones you get when you are on certain drugs.

When you fall in love, the chemical dopamine is released in your brain. Dopamine is a pleasure chemical, and obviously we all like the feeling of pleasure. This is what we become addicted to, and once it goes away we tend to lose our shit.

There are ways to cope with drug addiction, but what do you do when you are addicted to love and can’t let go? I for the longest time did not know what to do with myself. Failed relationship after failed relationship I began avoiding find love at all costs because coping with the addiction was not something I wouldn’t to be doing. I couldn’t let go of past lovers because I loved the feeling of being high on love.

Closing myself off was not healthy either. It was not a way of coping with addiction.

Yes, removing crack from a crack addict’s life will probably be extremely beneficial but removing the feeling of love from a normal human won’t solve any issues.

Closing myself out was not a coping mechanism.

The best way to deal with love, A.K.A. a serious drug, is by remembering this. You are going to come across different types of relationships, and you are going to fall in and out of love. Each time you’re off that feeling of being high on love know it’s not the end of the world. You will find a new drug to be addicted to soon, because unlike other drugs love is one that we need to survive. We can go short periods without it but in the end we are all meant to find drug (love) that works perfect for us.