How To Date A Female DJ


Don’t get jealous of all the guys that are going to throw themselves at her. Just don’t. Be proud of your girl. Show her off, but don’t brag.

Laugh with her and sympathize about all of the creepy and inappropriate messages and comments she will receive in real life and on her social media pages. Don’t get jealous. Trust me, it freaks her out too. But she has to keep her cool about it and she needs to be able to confide her real feelings about it to you, and not worry about yours.

Be supportive, but be honest.  The music industry is notorious for pushing artists and DJs farther than they want to go. Don’t be afraid to give her a reality check if you think she’s being talked into something she really doesn’t want to do. Other times, she’s going to want to check in with you in certain situations to make sure you’re okay with everything that’s going on. Be honest about your feelings, but don’t make ultimatums, or make the situation about you.

If you are very conservative about clothing, magazine appearances, lyrical content, drugs, etc. make sure you know what you’re getting into and make clear what makes you uncomfortable before getting serious with your girl.

Do. Not. Turn into a fan boy.

Do not go to all of her shows. Even if you can afford to fly around the world to do it.

Do not drop her name in any situation.  Do not tell anybody the details of your relationship. She appreciates her privacy and your consideration.

Also, do not act weird around her DJ friends that you happen to be fans of. Be polite, but be yourself.  You can respectfully tell them that you like their music, just don’t make them feel uncomfortable.

If you are also a DJ:

DO NOT act competitively or resent their success.

Do not throw yourself at her manager/ booking agent or any business people you may meet at her parties for networking.  It’s transparent and that’s a dealbreaker.  She has to be able to trust you.

Stay grounded and true to yourself. You are dating a rare butterfly and she probably likes you just as you are.

Thank God that you have found someone who understands your culture and lifestyle. She will be grateful too!

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