How To Cope With Grief And Loss


November 16, the most painful part of this year to be exact, on this day unfortunately I lost one of the most inspirational people in my life. Coping from this kind of painful event can be different from every single one of us; we can have different ways to do to deal with this hurtful situation.

Coping can really be rough and each of us has different ways of doing it. It’s not just about coping with loss, it is also about coping with change, a huge change because the person is definitely a huge part of your life and it will take a lot of time.

How can we really deal with a death of a loved one? How can you continue life, and face this huge life changing event? Of course we don’t have the exact answers, what we can do is to work it on our own way to deal with pain.

Grief is not a task, it is a process, it is less like a staircase and more like a roller-coaster, you might feel better for a while, and then go back to worst, it is always an uneven journey while going through it. Never be afraid of the pain, acknowledge that is exists. You can deal with it alone, do it through writing, or talk to someone.

Do things that will make you happy, through this time so much of your energy is focused on this painful emotions, so it’s difficult to hold on to whom you are. It is ok to do the things that will make you feel like yourself again and bring back your joy. At this moment you might forget the things you usually do as a way of coping. Neglecting physical health is only going to take a greater toll on you mental health, which is currently taking a pretty significant hit.

So do yourself a favor and take care of you, it is what your loved one would want.

Always remember that you do not have to be alone on your grief, things might be so overwhelming for you to sort out, but that is OK, go to someone else for help, reach out. It can be someone you love who’s sharing the same pain as yours, or a friend that ready to listen to you and be with you throughout. Always remember that talking out loud about your feeling can be a huge help.

Losing someone is a natural occurrence, but dealing with pain from losing one will never be easy. But we should remember that we have to move on and look forward on the coming tomorrow’s, and bear in mind that our lost loved one would want us to go forward and find happiness again.

Feel the pain, cry your heart out if you want to, but don’t surrender all your time and emotions to it. After feeling the pain, stand up, look at the brighter side and think about the future and how happy life is, and that tomorrow you might meet new people that might also be huge parts of your life.

Life is an unending journey, pain and loving will always be a part of it, what we always need to be equipped with is courage, courage to face all the things that’s about to come to us.

Always remember that our lost loved one will always remain in our hearts and minds, and that memories that you shared together will always be remembered.