How To Become Incredibly Lucky And Attract Amazing Opportunities


The only lucky charm that you need today is you.

I am not here to tell you to find a four-leaf clover or carry a horseshoe around. And please leave the rabbit’s foot to the rabbit. The only lucky charm that you need today is you.

I’ve been called a lucky person a lot in my life and it, to be honest, made me upset. What people believed to be my luck (living in a foreign country, traveling, working from home, etc.) was the result of my choice and often sacrifice and for sure didn’t feel like an opportunity that fell into my lap. The things that I have achieved in life were the results of my work. Luck is not for the lazy ones.

Luck is a combination of factors that come together at a certain point. It’s like a game where there are only two players — you and life. Some weird reverse hide-and-seek, where life can’t see you and you need to jump in front of it so that it knows where to throw opportunities.

To be lucky, you need to be ready: ready to take action, ready to grab that opportunity by its tail, ready to get up if it doesn’t work out and not give up after one try.

Think about all the times in life when you felt lucky. Was it the magical coincidence that put all parts of the puzzle in the place, or was it in fact you who did the work and made it happen?

I don’t deny that there are events and coincidences sometimes in life that don’t seem real, and unless they happened ,  you wouldn’t have been able to do whatever you had in mind. This is indeed being lucky. But my point is that luck in a more general sense thrives on action and not on waiting , as many people might think.

We are not born lucky —we create our own luck every day. With every decision, every choice, and every action, we shape our own reality.

From mindset to everyday behavior, lucky people are ready to grab at the opportunities that life throws at them. It requires action, being brave, and believing that something can happen at any moment. Because it can.

Think of winning the lottery —the generally accepted concept of being lucky. The chances are small, yet the person buys a ticket and joins the game. That person has done their part of the job — they have created an opportunity for them to win. They could have sat there waiting to win and not even buy the ticket and rob themselves of a chance to get some serious cash.

Miracles don’t happen on their own.

Learn from lucky people

It is easy to see the pattern in behavior among people that we consider lucky. They know that opportunities don’t fall on their lap —one needs to work to make it happen. They share several personal traits that together can become a real game-changer.

Be proactive

Taking an action might be the most important component of any kind of success. Where there is no action — there is no progress. No matter how small it is, it creates momentum and builds a healthy habit of taking an active position in life.

“Being successful requires being proactive and not waiting for life to come to you. It means you’re on offense, not defense. You’re active, not passive.” — Benjamin Hardy, PhD

Taking calculated risks is a big part of being proactive. These people are ready to test, experiment, and find the best ways in life that generate the most benefits for them. The only people who don’t risk anything are the ones who don’t do anything.

Stay flexible

These people see opportunities in the sources that we normally won’t even think about. Instead of fixating on one idea or outcome that they believe to be the best one, they are ready to notice and consider other options that might sound crazy or unrealistic at first.

They don’t single out one outcome and keep their mind open and embrace change. While many of us fear the uncertainty that change brings, they learn to adapt quickly and use circumstances to their own advantage.

Look on the bright side

Positivity breeds opportunity. A negative outlook on life, giving in fears, and letting doubts decide your direction in life lowers your ability to see possibilities. And this is natural — when we get upset, it may feel like there is no exit from the unwanted situation, let alone thinking of different possible solutions and taking the lead.

“Facing fear head on is important because — fear blocks good luck from entering your life.” — Lucy King

Controlling and working through negative emotions is difficult as it is, but it is crucial for people who want to invite more luck to their lives. Negativity is like blinders on a horse that don’t allow you to look anywhere else. A more optimistic outlook allows you to see other possibilities.

Learn from your mistakes

Only those who do nothing don’t make mistakes. And since we’ve already established that action is an essential part of any kind of success, it is safe to assume that there will be mistakes or failure. Smart people know that failure is an amazing source of feedback and information, and learning from it can significantly increase their chances of achieving anything in the world.

Testing, experimenting, and failing is a healthy and practical approach to improving once chances and skills at doing something. As long as you learn from it and don’t get discouraged, it’s a great asset on the road to success.

Improve your mindset

Most of these habits are nothing but the attitudes toward life that rewire one’s brain into believing that anything is possible. All great achievements begin in one’s mind.

Once you realize the ability of your mindset to influence the course of your actions and change the way you see your reality, you won’t believe that you did limit yourself before by choice.

“When you begin to create luck for yourself, it’s easy to forget where you started or to truly make sense of the invisible advantages gifted to you, perhaps, right from the get-go.” — Zat Rana

Focus on action

I will never get tired of saying this :  Doing is more valuable than wanting, waiting, and planning. You’ll have to bring that theory into practice if you want to see any change in your life.

Embrace a habit of trying and experimenting with everything that you do. Stop treating failure as your enemy. Instead learn from it and use it to understand what you can do differently. Don’t get discouraged when you don’t see results straight away — it takes time to gain momentum. The key is consistency.

Cultivate resilience

Fortune is a capricious lady and even when you are being your most positive self, proactive believer, ready to give and receive, it might not always favor you. But it shouldn’t discourage you.

Like with experimenting, you need to try, test and find your ways through the thickets of failure, mistakes, misfortunes, missed opportunities and bad luck. It happens to everyone, but it’s not the end of the world.

Take responsibility

The only person who is in control of your life is you (surprise, surprise). So if you want to change it and live your life to the fullest, you need to start with taking the radical responsibility.

When you do it, you let go of expectations towards other people and events and free yourself of disappointment that they create. The only person who can be held responsible is you.

You can control your actions, decisions, behavior, attitudes. You can shape them to be your better self and live a more fulfilling life.

“Luck captures the things that happen to us, and our behavior encapsulates the things over which we have control.” — Tina Seelig

Luck alone won’t make you successful. Neither will one day of hustling and a positive mindset. You need to be prepared to do the work and be consistent with it — something that many people will fail to do. Only then you can expect to see the changes that will reshape your life.