How The Trump Era Is Bringing Out Your African Roots


Following the recent elections, in which Trump shockingly triumphed over Clinton, an interesting set of developments has been observed. It is now that I believe the scientific notion of human life originating from Africa is true, for you, my fellow Americans, have acted in a manner that is true to your African roots.

It is a fairly common process for African nations to vote in ‘democratic’ elections only for the unpopular candidate to come out victorious in the end, leading to mass protests but ultimately no action. In places such as Zimbabwe, I wonder why people even bothered to vote during the past elections when clearly the man in charge had no intentions of stepping aside — going as far as attempting to manipulate results that so clearly showed a loss; it’s a farce of a process to be frank.

Not that I’m implying your elections were rigged (but can you ever be truly certain?) my point is – the mere fact that there has been protests of that level has been a channeling of your inner Africanness.

Furthermore, the man you have chosen to lead your nation, and indirectly the world, has displayed traits true to a typical African dictator’s nature. Even though he states he’ll take a hard stance against such individuals, it’s a little bit hypocritical; which, once again, is quite African leaderish of him. Blaming the failures of an economy on a specific group of non-indigenous people, threatening to throw out said group of individuals and inciting xenophobic reactions amongst your country’s people are all elements of the African political scene. What you are going through now is something our continent has experienced countless of times – across nations of completely different cultures.

You see, when I read ‘Make America Great Again’ I interpret ‘Return to the Colonial era Again’. To explain this I’ll summarize the colonial experience: a group of self gratifying individuals from the ‘superior race’ set out to impose their way of life on the ‘lesser people’ of the world. Along the way they pick up a few of these lesser people to bring back to their land to cultivate and build it up, all the while ensuring the lesser people know that they are inferior. During this period, the only lesser people allowed into the realm of the superior are the ones that have been specifically chosen; the rest are unwanted and kept at bay.

Additionally, of the lesser people in this realm, they must be kept away from the superior people, segregated into their own communities to prevent tarnishing the purity of the superior people. My personal opinion is that there is no need to return the United States to some ‘great era’; it is already freaking great as it stands and this is mainly due to the inclusion of the ‘lesser people’ onto the level of the ‘superior people’. No good comes from fostering an environment of racial or ethnical seclusion and separation. Once again I’ll use the example of Zimbabwe; after forcing out a group of people due to their racial background, the country plummeted into a dark period of economical failure – resulting in a horrible situation for the very people that forced them out. Due to his words, their leader created an environment in which the natives turned on the innocent immigrants, driving a significant number of them to flee. His misguided comments of returning the power to the native people of the land to benefit them and make their country great has backfired tremendously. Now they want him gone but it’s too late, the damage is already done.

Of course this situation will not occur that side and Trump should be given the chance to lead with the support of his people but he has to come out and change the mindset of the few that seem to think now is the time for white supremacy to reign again. He needs to change his rhetoric, condemn ill actions against not only racial lines but religion and sexual orientation. He needs to drop some of his silly policy aspirations such as building that wall (really dude?). There’s nothing much many of us can do but pray that those that surround and advise him ensure that true sense prevails in his decision making. He once stated Obama was the worst president in the history of the nation, well Mr. Trump – the ball is now in your court, good luck not turning into just that because as things stand, you quite probably could.