How Losing My Mom Made Me Realize We All Have The Best Mom


A mother’s love is one of a kind, for dozens of reasons that we most likely cannot fathom until we become one. Although this may be true, there is something so simple yet at the same time, so immensely complex about this unique love that helps shape us all in to who we are meant to be.

Given the fact that every person’s journey is so vastly different, one thing remains; we all want to give and receive love. Doesn’t this all start with the love we feel and develop with our mothers?

To truly think about the depths of a mother’s love is breathtaking: she literally loves you before she even knows you and continues to love you before you even love yourself.

Maybe you are blessed enough to have your mom with you your entire life, or just a portion or perhaps not at all. No matter the circumstance — a mother’s love still remains in your heart. I know this only because I’m living it. I did not/could not truly understand how deep this love could be until I realized that neither life nor death could interrupt its strength.

Graciously, moms spend their lives dedicated to their children. Through the journey, they teach us how to walk, talk and tie our shoes. These valuable teachings perfectly coincide with lifelong lessons on how to respect and love ourselves, how to do the same for others and how to be the best person we can be.

Mother’s Day is beautiful in theory, but for someone who has lost their mom it can be devastating. This is the fifth year without my Mom on this holiday, but this year was different. It was a day where thoughts of “this isn’t fair” and “I wish my mom were here” tried to take over my psyche. Instead of being angry and letting bitterness overwhelm me, I chose to scroll through my feed with happiness and fond memories. On a day where our feeds are flooded with loving messages to those who have loved us best, I found it important to recognize the beauty in all the kind words and #BestMom awards. They all had one common theme: unparalleled love. 

With every dedication post it became so clear, that each one of these moms are perfect for each one of us, and us for them.

My heart aches every single day for my Mom, but the love inside my heart rings so much louder, day after day. She was a true testament of what a devoted, strong, loving woman a Mother should be, and I am so glad she is my #BestMom.

Coming from a girl who lost someone who was not only her mother, but her best friend. I am eternally grateful for this pure and genuine love inside of me. No matter what your circumstance is, it’s important to remember how precious the love of a mother is.

Mom, when you’re reading this from heaven, I love you.