How Dating Apps Can Help Us Feel More Abundant In Love


In the times we live in, there is no reason for us to get stuck in crappy, boring, or otherwise unfulfilling relationships and romantic situations. We can open up an app and meet a new person in an instant. It’s not only through dating apps that you can meet people. There are also options like that can allow us to network and meet people who might share similar interests.

I’m not suggesting that we should simply give up on relationships when we encounter problems in them. But there comes a certain point in some relationships where you just need to break up and move on so that the two of you can grow and develop separately. Perhaps you will come back together, but maybe there is someone else out there who would be a better match. Having this mindset can help us feel more abundant and less needy when it comes to dating. We might have a tendency to want to cling onto someone out of fear of not finding someone new, but when you open a dating app, you can see that there are plenty of single people out there waiting to meet someone special.

If you are single, it’s an even greater chance to feel more abundant in dating. There are so many options on the apps that sometimes it can even feel a bit overwhelming. I personally like to date from a monogamous standpoint, meaning one person at a time, and allow the relationship to run its course. Sometimes people from the past come back into my life, sometimes they don’t. But if I hadn’t started dating around, I wouldn’t have discovered what I liked and disliked in a potential partner, as well as discovering more about myself.

I used to be a serial monogamist who always found herself in a long-term relationships, trying to make them work long past their expiration date out of a fear of being alone. But once I let go of that, I found that there were plenty of very interesting people out there to meet who I wouldn’t have met if not for dating apps or if I had stayed in relationships past their due date.

When we cling onto another person out of fear, obligation, or worry that other people will view us a certain way if we broke up, it keeps us away from becoming the best version of ourselves. When we have a more peaceful and abundant mindset when it comes to dating, we allow ourselves to experience the best (and sometimes the worst) of what the world has to offer, and it can help us make the best choices for ourselves.