Honestly Ladies, Stay Single Until You Find This Guy


Don’t ever settle. You’ve waited long enough, so don’t just quit because you’re over being single. Hold out for a damn good man. Wait for the guy who deserves your heart.

Stay single until you find a man who:

…can’t wait to get you home to meet his momma, not his bed.

…opens every door you walk through.

…holds your hand unapologetically and makes sure everyone knows you are his.

…you’d be proud to introduce to your father.

…loves your flaws.

…you can be your genuinely weird self around.

…will go out with you on Saturday night but wake up with you for church on Sunday morning.

…makes sure you’re home safe and will stay up until he’s sure.

…has good friends you love to be around even without him there.

…loves his momma like the angel she is.

…doesn’t want to change a thing about you.

…can handle you for all you are and all you bring to the table.

…pays out of respect for you.

…you could see being your future daughter’s father.

…is able to humble himself and apologize when he is wrong.

…buys you flowers just because.

…challenges you and makes you want to be a better woman.

…respects you and your body.

…pushes you to chase after your dreams and doesn’t hold you back.

…is certain of you.

…doesn’t run from the rain but grabs your hand and dances with you in it.

…says “I love you” first just because he wants to make sure you know.

…pursues you endlessly, even after he’s “got you.”

…makes you feel beautiful just from being around him.

…gives you butterflies every time just like it’s the first time.

…exceeds all of your previous “standards” that you thought were high.

…could just sit by a fire and talk to you for hours.

…wants to know every little thing about you.

…wants to take “The Long Way” every single time.

Until this song rings true, stay single.