Hold My Hand, Never Let Go


Hold my hand
Never let go
In this world of lies and deceit
It is so difficult to trust

But here I am
With my body and soul
Waiting innocently for you
Come to me

Let us walk the walk of love
Forget the past
Love like you have never loved before
Forget the old life
Explore the new world
Open up your heart
To receive my love
Hold my hand

After going through all the pain alone
You need someone to lean on
You need someone to comfort you
I am here wanting to be everything to you

But your grief has blinded you
It’s time to stop grieving
Make up your mind
Choose to be happy

Let me show you how to love
Let me shower with the care I’ve got
Give it a chance
I will never let go of you
You would dive into my world of possibilities
I want to see you in the light of your comfort
Just hold my hand.