Here’s Your Absolute Perfect Breakfast, Based On Your Zodiac Sign



Whoa now, feisty thing! You’ll be on your way in a matter of minutes, promise! Take a deep breath and simmer down.  Considering you’re on a mission to save the world, a quick protein shot is what’s best for you. Crack it, tilt back and down she goes. Pure protein!


Out of bed yet? I know… I know, leaving your pillowy world of comfort was not easy. At your leisure now, take your favorite veggies, meats and cheeses and make that luscious omelette you were just dreaming of.


Don’t hate me I’m going to say the f word: FOCUS. I know you got waffles, pancakes, and smoothies on your brain but today it’s all about eggs. Two fried eggs, to be exact. Can you make them look identical? Consider that a challenge.


Aw, you feeling ok boo? Might need to get a cup of joe in you before you tackle this emotional feat. Once you got yourself in check, go for a soft-boiled egg. Drippy and gooey, just how you like it.


It ain’t a party without some egg salad on deck! Wear your favorite apron and put on some big band tunes, it’s time for the hostess with the mostess to whip up a treat…. you never know when you might have an audience.


Got that measuring cup handy, dear? I know perfection is your jam, which is why a light and calculated egg soufflé is on your plate for today.


Well hello my Venusian friend! Is there anything more refined than the prefect French omelette? Requiring just the right technique to achieve that balanced buttery delight… your masterpiece will be the talk of the town.


Creature of death, when it comes to alchemy, you’ve got it down. Leave it to you to boil some eggs, de-gut their insides, add the secret spices and flavor, only to breathe a whole new life into that devil of an egg.


Hail to the know it all. Eggs or no eggs, there is clearly no point in telling you how to do anything. To show reverence to your very real need for freedom, here is the perfect DIY idea: quiche! Roam with that.


If it ain’t hard, it’s not worth doing, ain’t that right, sea goat? Boil some water, (add a little vinegar, you know the tricks) you’re about to show off your poaching game. Eggs Benedict à la greatest of all time.


Ah, the revolutionary. Nothing excites this out of the box crew more than a remix. Ever try the birds nest? Take two pieces of toast bread, cut out a circle in their middle, and place them on the pan. I’ll leave it to your genius to figure out the rest.


For your Neptunian ruled palate, things are soft, poetic and over easy. You see no need for boundaries and that is why a classic scramble is just the right way to yoke the chaos and unity that is your endless little soul.