Here’s What You Need To Remember When You Go Looking For Love


Embarking on the journey of love is exciting, thrilling and quite spontaneous. I do not believe so much our consciousness is searching but our souls constantly are. We are always waiting for the light to switch in our heads, the moment every part of you knows this is it.

But it’s important to remember one thing during your quest for love and that is to never let go of who you are. Most, if not all, of your searching should really be within yourself. When you feel perfectly content with the person you are becoming that is when love will ultimately find you.

I have seen too many men and women completely alter their beliefs, their attitudes and their minds in the name of love. But that is everything love is against.

Love will never ask you to change and if it does then it’s not love.

What love will do is transform you into a better version of yourself. Every action will now be processed in a different way because your heart is no longer beating for just you but for someone else.

Be ready to commit because love is a commitment; seems obvious but once you fall in love your commitment to the other person is a promise to be selfless, patient and love unconditionally. There is no instruction manual on “How to Love” and I firmly feel that this is why many people have not found it yet. Love has no boundaries and many people can’t seem to grasp this concept.

When I first fell in love, I thought if I acted exactly the way they wanted to me to, then we would live happily ever after, but the more I lost myself the more our relationship was tearing a part. The problem wasn’t him though, he wasn’t asking me to change, I just thought that’s what you had to do but it’s not.

I learned through falling in love a second time there is a difference between acting selfless and completely losing yourself (for the wrong reasons). You can lose yourself for the right reasons but you can’t and should never abandon what makes you, you. I no longer feel the desire to change who I am because the person I am with embraces everything about me.

During this journey we should be experiencing growth. If in the end it is not love you find you should still be able to say you became a better person because of it.