Here’s What ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Character You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


J.R.R. Tolkien is a man known for having a powerful dream, more powerful than a thousand of realities, a dream of which billions of people around the world cannot get enough. Unlike many others authors who tried but failed to create a whole new world for book worms to enjoy, Tolkien’s imagination has resulted in the creation of one of the most beautiful series of books and movies of all time. It all started somewhere in the late 1930s, when the creator of The Silmarilion, The Hobbit, and Lord of the Rings wrote the first sentence of his first story (The Hobbit).

In the imaginative world of the master of literature, J.R.R. Tolkien created diverse characters such as Men, Elven, Dwarves, Hobbits, Wizards, Orcs, etc. If you take a closer look at each kind, you may notice that they are all related to the zodiac signs in so many ways. And if you take it on the next level of analyzing, you will even start seeing particular zodiac signs behind our beloved characters. Each of these heroes and villains in Tolkien’s world has a unique personality that contributed to making the whole story a masterpiece. Want to know what kind of impact you would’ve had in the story of Lord of The Rings or The Hobbit had you ever been starred based on your zodiac sign? We got your answer.

Aries: Éowyn

Who else would match Aries’ profile of a born natural leader than Éowyn, the woman who killed Witch King of Angmar and saved the world? The daughter of Éomund and Theodwyn and niece of the King of Rohan, Theoden, is a brave and determined warrior who doesn’t need approval whether to take lead or not. When Éowyn thinks something’s right, she spares no energy and chooses no means to achieve her goals; just like Aries. Strong, independent, confident, and highly energetic, you are without a doubt a perfect match for Éowyn.

Taurus: Sam Gamgee

If there wasn’t for Sam Gamgee, Frodo would have never taken the One ring all the way to Mordor. This guy is patient, reliable, loving, persistent, and determined, characteristics that supported Frodo during the most difficult times of their journey together. Even when he turned onto him and considered him a liar, Sam kept his cool and knew it was the ring talking, not his friend. He remained loyal, trustworthy and disciplined all throughout the journey. All of these characteristics describe a typical Taurus, so you would’ve undoubtedly taken the role of Sam in LOTR.

Gemini: Pippin

Inconsistent, complex, and not fully able to do much without having his second breakfast, Pippin is a perfect match for the Gemini. This recognizable character is youthful, lively, enthusiastic, witty, and imaginative, so he often failed in completing his tasks given by the Fellowship. Superficial and indecisive, Pippin often went the wrong way and let down his friends. However, he is intelligent, flexible, and always willing to go the extra mile in order to please others. You have a friendly attitude and you make friends with ease.

Cancer: Frodo

There’s no bigger introvert in the whole Tolkien world than Frodo Baggins, just like there’s no more nurturing and caring sign in the zodiac. Emotional, loving, cautious, protective and loving, Frodo is undoubtedly the heart and soul of the Fellowship. He even shows sympathy towards the creature that is willing to kill for the possession of the One ring, Gollum, trying to save him till the very last moment. Since carrying the ring is overwhelming, Frodo is changeable and moody and turns to his friends in multiple occasions. Nevertheless, his dedication to destroy the ring and save his friends gives him the power to go all the way to Mordor and complete the mission. Frodo Baggins is in many terms an ideal Cancer.

Leo: Boromir

The Captain of the White Tower, the High Warden of the White Tower, and the powerful Gondor warrior, Boromir is one of the most passionate and most charismatic characters, much like Leo. Boromir is a born leader who possesses the energy to fulfill the most difficult tasks, even if it costs him his life. He is calm, committed, sincere, and will do everything for people he cares about. While he is a big fan of recognition for his efforts and can get egoistic at times, Boromir has a big heart and is always true to himself. Leo suits Boromir’s description just perfectly.

Virgo: Legolas

There are no mistakes with Legolas. Every movement he makes, every leap that he makes, every shot that he takes, and every step that he takes is calculated in advance. The Sindarin elf is of indispensable value to the Fellowship not only for his exceptional bowmanship, keen eyesight, and hearing, but also for his reliability, patience, unbreakable mentality, and vast of self confidence. Also, Legolas is known for his eternal youthfulness, as are all elves, as well as Virgo. People born under this zodiac sign are also perfectionists with a sensitive ego, which points out to Legolas.

Libra: Galadriel

Graceful, charming, peaceful, and ever looking for harmony, Galadriel is a character as made through careful observation of a typical Libra. Galadriel is a niece of Fëanor, one of the most important elves in Middle Earth and she is one of the mightiest, most beautiful, and most knowledgeable elves. She is clever as much as she is resourceful. With a diplomatic and graceful approach, Galadriel assisted many characters in their quests in all the books and movies of the story. Nevertheless, she can lose her nerve as seen when she tried to put on the One ring and rule them all, but her power is greater than that and she resisted the temptation.

Scorpio: Sauron

Scorpio’s personality is as closest to Sauron’s as it can get. The creator of the One ring, the first Dark Lord and the big evil in Lord of the Rings is known as an independent, resourceful, and very mighty shape-shifting warrior who wanted to destroy the world. His ways of domination and ruling are mischievous, manipulative, diplomatic, and well-thought, although they sometimes seem unpredictable and utterly practical. As Scorpios tend to get obsessed quite easily, Sauron got obsessed by the One ring and nothing could ever change his mind about it. He is also jealous, which is why he wants all the power for himself.

Sagittarius: Bilbo Baggins

Although Hobbits are not necessarily adventurers, it was Bilbo Baggins who took upon an adventure that eventually saved the world. Once desiring comfortable and unambitious life, Bilbo Baggins took part of a mission to help the Dwarves get back their treasure that is guarded by Smaug the Magnificent, a large and lethal dragon. Determined, strong headed, and communicative (a quality which saved his life in multiple occasions), he turned out to be the vital part of his Fellowship as he surprised himself by his resourcefulness and burglar skills. Sagittarius is also unconventional and idealist, as well as a quick thinker and on board with other people’s ideas.

Capricorn: Thorin Oakenshield

Ambitious, diligent, loyal, and friendly, the King under the Mountain is very similar to the zodiac sign Capricorn. Thorin Oakenshield was the leader of the company that successfully infiltrated the Lonely Mountain where their long lost gold was guarded for thousands of years by Smaug the Magnificent and won it back to his people. Intelligent, brave, and stubborn, Thorin had a flair of vanity about him, but it was all justified, as he was respected throughout Middle Earth. Just as any Capricorn would do, Thorin sacrificed his life for his people’s welfare.

Aquarius: Aragorn

Aragorn is one of the most mysterious, introverted, and most logical thinkers of all the franchise. As he was born and raised in Rivendell with Elrond, Aragorn possessed Elven wisdom, so he was more than just a mighty warrior; he also was a healer. He has not only proven his worth as a leader and big humanitarian, but he also found solutions when everything seemed to be lost. A born innovator and intellectual, he is able to shut down his emotions and rely on his brain in the toughest of situations. Although he seems detached at times, like Aquarius, everything that Aragorn does, he does for his kin.

Pisces: Gandalf

In case you were starting to think that I overlooked Gandalf, here he is: the wisest of them all. The wizard is a spiritual, sensitive, protective, insightful, and peace-loving character whose wisdom and might helped both the Fellowship in LOTR and the company in The Hobbit to complete their missions. On top of all, he is incredibly brave, intuitive, decisive, and quite versatile too. Gandalf weighs the pros and cons of every situation and his analytical skills help him make the best decision possible. He went out of his way more than a couple of times to help his friends, much like a Pisces does.