Here’s The Thing About Wrong Timing


It doesn’t exist. It’s just created by people who can’t fight for what they want and who they love. It’s invented by individuals afraid of trying and hurting.

They say there’s nothing worse than meeting the right person at the wrong time. We’ve all heard the plain old excuse, “Our love was right but timing wasn’t on our side.”

Well here’s the blow, darling, whoever said that must have never known what true love is because if he did, he wouldn’t have treated timing as if it’s a third-party. He wouldn’t have treated timing as if it’s a parent that is needed to be on his side.

He would have known that love conquers all, that love, despite all the hardships is worth it. He would have reassured you that yes, if we have met four, five, ten years from now, our love would have been easier but all we have is the present and I wouldn’t want to wait for tomorrow to be able to call you mine.

He would have realized that from the very first moment, you were the right person regardless of time. If he really did care for you, he would have wade through all the difficulties. If he really did love you, the issue of wrong timing will be irrelevant.

And darling, most of all, if he really is the one for you, he would know all of this and more. He would have treated you the way you deserve to be treated and he would have known that wrong timing is present only if he lets it be. 

Because in this reality, there is no such thing as perfect timing. There will never be a perfect condition, a perfect state where you can love someone. Things will not readily fall into place and it’s not all cupcakes and rainbows

But there is a right person and that person would make all the seemingly wrong conditions right. He would make everything worth it and wrong timing will never come into his mind because he knows that all conditions and all situations, whether good or bad, will lead him to you and for him, that is the most important.