Here’s The Thing About Second Chances


You never know when a “no” turned “yes” could work out so positively.

Typically, when it comes to second chances, I am not a fan, never have been. When my mind is made up hardly anything will change why I think the way I do. Whether it is in a relationship, in regard to an inanimate object, or just another experience I wasn’t a fan of the first time around, thus forever ruling it out giving it no chance again that maybe I would be more favorable of it. Not until recently, I started coming across opportunities that would offer me those second chances I swore I would never take again.

The thing about second chances is they can act as a gateway, starting small then growing in time. It could be something as small as trying a drink for the second time or something bigger that has a greater affect on your life. When a second chance is presented it can either be a huge risk or a not as large a leap, however sometimes by going out on a limb and giving a second chance you can get you something in return you never knew existed the first time.

The best thing about second chances is that once you start, it just spirals from there. What started as giving a TV show a second chance lead me to build a stronger connection to a group of my friends. Giving a sketchy Chinese food place a second chance served as one of the best hangover cures for our group of friends. While these second chances are small in the grand scheme of life they serve as a continuous reminder that second chances aren’t always a bad thing.

By taking second chances, I’ve allowed myself to become freer and experience more while developing my personality, my beliefs, my likes and dislikes. While not all second chances are as positive, I used to be the biggest anti-second chance person out there. However, I’m beginning to think some of those strong “no”s could be persuaded to change into a sure why not try that again.

As for relationship second chances, I haven’t come across a relationship that I would be willing to retry, but now instead of vehemently opposed to the idea, given the right circumstances I’d be willing to consider it more than before where it was a downright always and forever no.

That’s not to say that everything should be lived over again, the hurt, heart break, unhealthy habits, unhealthy relationships, are on the losing end of this second chance epiphany. The best way to learn is by doing. I’ve learned that life is far too short to worry over little stuff. I want to live as full as I can and that means offering up some second chances every once in a while hoping they don’t come back to bite me. Here’s to hoping to the future of second chances, may they all be hopefully optimistic.

featured image – Jeffrey