Here’s The Surprising Thing Holding You Back From The Success You Can’t Stop Dreaming About


I’ve never been so excited about what the future holds – maybe it’s because I’m finally holding onto the reins of life and forging a path of my own. Of course, this excitement will waver in light of a setback or obstacle, but oddly enough, the thing that dampens my spirit the most is the tinge of social awkwardness I now experience with certain friends – the ones with whom I hold more memories than any hard disc could store.

As your priorities shift and your goals evolve from #weekendgoals to something more worthy of telling your grandkids, you will notice a shift in friendship groups, because what was once a fluid, no-effort 5 hour conversation becomes an uncomfortable exchange of words. What’s even more frustrating and anxiety-inducing is the fact that it feels socially unacceptable to politely decline an invitation to “wine time” because well, you want to dedicate those hours to working on something that maybe isn’t universally defined as “legitimate” but certainly will be one day.

When your priorities aren’t in sync, the comfort and enjoyment that once existed, fades into the distance. It sucks and it is sad, but it’s part and parcel of growing up. You need to surround yourself with people who hold similar aspirations, who share a fiery passion, who want to talk about the things that you so desperately want to talk about, but feel awkward raising in certain groups. If you’re hungry for something more, don’t downgrade your goals for the sake of reversing the current level of discomfort. I’m not suggesting you wave sayonara to your oldest pals, but you need to expand your circle to include like-minded individuals who are going to help you produce a steady stream of motivation and keep your excitement levels high.

Two precious life lessons I’ve learned this year:

  1. You’ve got to acquire the discipline to say no. You’ve got to sacrifice those inebriated moments for genuine dream progression. It may not be visible now or tomorrow or even in a month’s time, but those hours compounded will turn into milestones.
  1. Embrace the magic of change, don’t fight it. Without it, progress is impossible. It can be bittersweet initially, but the universe has a habit of proving its point and pulling the classic I told you so. So, be patient, ride the wave and know that everything happens for a reason.