Here’s All That I Can Promise To Give You


“Tell me of every terrible thing you ever did, and let me love you anyway.”

I want to take you by the hand, look you in the eye and tell you that you are beautiful just the way you are. Whatever horrible things you did, whatever a monster you think is hidden deep within you – let me know of them. Give me a chance to accept all the things you can’t accept in yourself. I want to be there with you, every ounce of pain you feel creeping in your veins – let me have a bit of it with you. Let me feel all the hurt, the pain, the happiness, the insecurities, the imperfection that you have. Let me in. Into your world no matter how destructive you may think it is for me.

I can’t teach you how to love yourself in brokenness. But I can show you how I do it – how to love a broken person. And maybe, one day, no matter how slowly, you’ll learn to see yourself through my eyes. I won’t tell you that everything will be okay, because it won’t. I won’t promise that things will get better, because sometimes it won’t. Instead, I will always be there with you through it all, this I promise you. That you won’t ever have to go through it alone. That you’ll always have me to look for.

I’m not strong enough for you to depend on. I can’t promise that I won’t break down along with you. There will be days where I might doubt my decision – where I doubt whether it was worth standing by you. There will be days where I will grow tired of keeping up with you. Whatever it is, I can’t promise this. But what I can promise you is, no matter what – you have the best of me. In my best efforts, I won’t break down, I will stay by your side, I will keep up no matter how far you’re going or how deep you’re sinking.

I promise you the best of me. Me trying my best.

Because that’s all I can give you and I hope that’s enough.