10 Crazy Videos Of Things That Happen On The New York City Subway


After this, I think I’m taking a cab.

1. People lose their sh*t all the time.


Start at 1:20

2. Homeless guy gets knocked out.


You might’ve seen this one, but goddamn, that guy has a mean hook.

3. People are blacked out on 4am train rides.


Charlie (?)

4. Seats can be used as urinals.


Now you know why it’s wet.

5. NYC subway air is a-ok.


No smell-o-vison here!

6. Sometimes, people act on impulse.


This guy was caught flashing his junk to a woman passenger. She wouldn’t stand for it.

7. And can’t control themselves.


He’s literally stroking himself watching you.

8. Rats just want to be free.


I like rodents, but not like this.

9. Jokes.


He’s been living here for nine years. With the same jokes too.

10. NYPD doing what they do.


According to the video description, the man on the floor was threatening a Jewish passenger. Chaos ensues.

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image – Spree2010