Here Is The Myers-Briggs Type For Each ‘Real Housewife’ Of New York


Bethenny: ESTJ

ESTJ Strengths

• Dedicated
• Strong-willed
• Direct and Honest
• Loyal, Patient, and Reliable
• Enjoy Creating Order
• Excellent Organizer
• Energetic, excited, friendly
• Not threatened by criticism or conflict
• Prefer resolving conflict rather than ignoring it

ESTJ Weaknesses

• Inflexible and stubborn
• Uncomfortable with unconventional situations
• Judgmental
• Too focused on social status (Wants to make sure her friends aren’t talking about her to the press, talks about how nice her apartment and Hamptons houses are, etc.)
• Difficult to Relax (Workaholic)
• Difficulty expressing emotion
• Impatient with mistakes and inefficiency
• Out of tune with what others are feeling (Not inviting Kristen out with them in S6)
• May unknowingly harm others with offensive language
• Uncomfortable with change and moving into new territories (Taking so long with the divorce, with dating, talking to her ‘father’, etc)

Sonja: ENTP

ENTP Strengths

• Enthusiastic, popular, energetic, charming
• Good communicators
• Focused on self-improvement and relationship growth
• Focus on the Big Picture
• Effective money makers
• Commitments and relationships are high priority
• Knowledgeable
• Quick thinkers
• Original
• Excellent Brainstormers

ENTP Weaknesses

• Very Argumentative
• Insensitive
• Intolerant; abandon relationships which don’t offer opportunity for growth
• Difficulty Focusing; excited by new things
• Fail to follow through on plans and ideas
• Ineffective money managers; big gamblers and spender
• Dislike practical matters; enjoy “what could be?” instead of “what is?”

Ramona: ESTP

ESTP Strengths

• Clever, witty, popular, and charming
• Sensual
• Rational and practical
• Calm during emergencies (telling others to lower their voices during conflict; taking charge and handling the girls at Dorinda’s during “I made it NICE!!”)
• Enthusiastic
• Bold
• Perceptive; when things change or when they need to change. Observe these changes to connect to others
• Direct
• Eager to spend time with kids
• Enjoy spoiling loved ones with big gifts (always brings gifts to her friends, is offended when she isn’t given a good gift)

ESTP Weaknesses

• Insensitive; emotions come second (Telling Dorinda to calm down after she told her about John and the Viagra comment)
• Difficulty expressing emotions and feelings
• Impatient
• Risk-prone
• Unstructured; seize the moment and ignore rules and social expectations in the process (Talking to the bar owner in Turks and “stealing” him away from Bethenny and Carole)
• Miss the bigger picture; like to solve things in the here and now, and this may be too hasty in some situations
• May ignore problems instead of fixing them (I think this definitely happened in her marriage; Trying to change subjects any time conflict arises, especially S7)
• Defiant (Unable to wait while Mario figured his life out, hates repetitive conversations, keeps defying friends’ request to not bring certain issues up)
• Prone to boredom (Talking to Rey, the drugged up guy, at Dorinda’s party to get some gossip on LuAnn because she’s bored)
• May accidentally hurt others with heavy language


ESFP Strengths:

• Enthusiastic and fun-loving
• Clever
• Direct
• Likable and popular
• Practical and level-headed
• Observant
• Aesthetics and showmanship
• Observant
• Excellent people skills
• Flexible
• Generous and friendly

ESFP Weaknesses:

• Sensitive
• Conflict-Averse (Be cool. Don’t be all…uncool)
• Easily bored; leads to risky behavior, self-indulgence
• Poor Long-Term planners (Tom)
• Unfocused
• Takes easy way out of conflicts (Trying to gloss over the remarks about Adam with Carole)
• Pays little attention to personal needs
• Neglect personal health

Carole: ISFJ

ISFJ Strengths

• Supportive and friendly by nature
• Attempt to please others
• Great listeners (Carole’s journalistic career showcases this)
• Reliable and patient
• Imaginative and observant; use this to access empathy and to see things from others’ perspectives (This is why she has the least amount of drama and always tries to explain what each person is thinking and trying to say)
• Enthusiastic
• Loyal and hard-working
• Good practical skills; see the beauty and harmony they can create in even the most mundane tasks
• Very organized
• Good with money

ISFJ Weaknesses

• Ignore personal needs
• Humble and shy
• Take things too personally (Remarks made by multiple people about her relationship with Adam)
• Repress feelings (Her reaction when she goes to pick up her husband’s urn)
• Overload themselves leading to easy burnout (“No work and all play makes me a happy girl”)
• Reluctant to change
• Too altruistic
• Strongly avoid criticism and conflict (She has the least amount of conflict with any of the ladies, tries to avoid it at all costs)

Dorinda: ESFJ

ESFJ Strengths

• Strong practical skills
• Strong sense of duty
• Very loyal
• Sensitive and warm
• Good at connecting with others
• Energetic and well-liked
• Good money skills
• Family-oriented

ESFJ Weaknesses

• Averse to change; reluctant to innovate or improvise
• Avoid conflict and criticism
• Vulnerable to criticism
• Worried about social status
• Inflexible
• Have difficulty accepting negative things about loved ones
• Have difficulty accepting the end of a relationship and are likely to blame themselves
• Often too needy; constantly need positive support for self-esteem boosts
• Too selfless; ignore personal needs and may be self-sacrificing (Ignored her own physical needs by self-admission in S7)
• Often use guilt as a form of manipulation (Tries to guilt her friends by using “loyalty” as an argument to apologize. See Ramona’s birthday lunch in S7 as an example)

Kristen: ISTJ

ISTJ Strengths

• Precise communicators (Discussion with Dorinda about John’s dancing, S6)
• Good listeners
• Handle constructive criticism well
• Handle conflict without losing control
• Strong-willed and dutiful
• Create and enforce order
• Very responsible
• Jack-of-all-trades

ISTJ Weaknesses

• Stubborn; resists ideas that aren’t supported by facts
• Insensitive; “Honesty is the best policy” isn’t always the best policy
• Always by the Book; enjoy clearly defined rules
• Judgmental
• Unreasonably blame themselves; they believe they are the only ones who can see projects through reliably
• Often get involved in competitive conversations

Heather: ENFJ

ENFJ Strengths

• Tolerant
• Reliable
• Charismatic
• Altruistic
• Natural leaders
• Perceptive of motives and thoughts of others
• Motivate others; affirming and affectionate
• Possess a good sense of humor (“Hollaaaa!”)

ENFJ Weaknesses

• Overly idealistic
• Over-protective and smothering (Trying to get Bethenny to eat new things at Dorinda’s birthday dinner)
• Tend to be critical of opinions and attitudes that clash with their own
• Fluctuating Self-Esteem; blame themselves when things go wrong
• Struggle to make tough decisions; may use tactics of avoidance instead of facing conflicts head-on
• May be so attuned to what is socially acceptable or expected that they’re unable to assess rights and wrongs or think outside the box (The man left in the bed in Turks, the cursing discussion in Turks)

Jules: ENFP

ENFP Strengths

• Curious
• Observant; believe there are no irrelevant actions, every move and idea is a part of something bigger
• Excellent perception of the motives and thoughts of others
• Bring out the best in others through motivation and inspiration
• Energetic and enthusiastic
• Know how to relax
• Lively sense of humor
• Strive to create agreeable situations
• Driven to meet others’ expectations
• Outgoing and full of energy

ENFP Weaknesses

• Poor practical skills (unable to make tea when Carole comes over, no clue how to cook)
• Find it difficult to focus (Lunch with Bethenny and she can’t just spit it out, scattered conversation)
• Overthink things (Again, getting lost in conversation, feeling the need to overexplain herself)
• Gets stressed easily
• Highly emotional
• Independent to a Fault; hate being micromanaged and restrained by heavy-handed rules
• Strongly avoid conflict (Running around talking about her father when they went to the Berkshires and Bethenny and Luann got into it. She is literally physically ducking and running around)
• Strongly dislike and avoid criticism
• Ignore personal needs
• Have difficulty reprimanding or punishing others