Here Is How You’re Going To Survive That Heartbreak


At one point in our lives we have experienced this inevitable phenomena; the cause may differ from family, to friends or a lover, but either way everyone has experienced a broken heart and if you have not then maybe you are the luckiest person alive. Reasons may vary from petty to really tragic ones but if you have felt an ache in your chest, not in the physical sense but it just seems hard to breathe due to a certain thought or incident.

We came into this earth blessed with the gift of innocence but as we grow we encounter new experiences, new hobbies, new people and just a vast scale of things we can endure in a lifetime. There is a quote that says “pain demands to be felt” and it is with great pleasure that humans feel this emotion endlessly, even before we pass from this earth the last feeling would be of pain, but it can be beautiful at times. How can one really cope from a heartbreak? Is it even possible?

First, just let yourself feel the pain, if it comes from grief, anger, jealousy or a whole lot of these despicable feelings just let it in your system, it won’t destroy you to feel pain at times but always set a limit where that pain lies.

Second, smash things, not yourself, give it a good cry but don’t attempt to die, and quietly, think if the heartbreak is worthy to destroy you because no amount of heartbreak should kill not unless you are diagnosed with a psychological depression, then go and talk to someone, always remember there is a light.

Third, think of the good things in your life. There is a possible moment when your world seems to be crumbling to the ground and you are left help and hopeless, always remember there is a reason you woke up today. Change things, have a haircut, clean your house, make the bad memories go away, put it in a box, lock it in a closet or throw it to the trash. Relief would wash over you and you will feel a new sense of relief, the kind that will motivate you to start over, to see that there is goodness in life and with the good it could be great.

Fourth, when you encounter the cause of the heartbreak,
do not show any kind of weakness, and do not let it or him or her affect you. Be civilized if encouraged and if not be the mature one and just continue what you’re doing which is moving on. There is nothing more painful than to see the person you have hurt move on and cope with the pain you have caused, though it is not a competition, the one who was hurt shows that he or she is a strong person and they can clearly fight their battles well.

Lastly, never close your heart. It’s pretty common that people who have been hurt or experienced this heartbreak closes their door to the chances of new love. Never do that. Do not be afraid to open your door to a new opportunity. No guarantees that you won’t be hurt again but that is the beauty in this life. No matter how many times you fall you’ll always find a way to get up again and trust again because life plays a game that messes with our emotional acumen. It hits the weak spots and eats it alive, be the highest form of creation that you are and tell life that you can mess with me all you want but I will prosper.

Heartbreaks are painful as hell that’s true, but we do not become cowards from a heartbreak, we become warriors. We encounter the pain, we’re aware of it but we’ll fight and will continue to fight until our last breath because a life without love isn’t living at all. So these are the steps on getting over a heartbreak. Sometimes you get over it quickly but sometimes it’ll take a lifetime. Do not be afraid of pain because again, like pain, heartbreaks demand to be felt.