Here I Am, Still Thinking About You


I told myself to stop thinking about you because you never think about me. But I really can’t.

Thinking about you makes me want to talk to you and beg for you to come back.

I reminded myself that if you wanted to talk to me, you would hit me up with a text. I never got that text but here I am thinking about you like crazy.

You wanted me gone. There’s no doubt you love your life right now without me. But here I am can’t stop thinking about you.

Life is unfair. I can’t seem to find a light to move on and forget about you because I’m just waiting for nothing. But I like waiting for you; waiting for the text I will never get and waiting for you to think about me and eventually miss me. It will never happen though.

Thinking about you gives me this painful yet exhilarating feeling. I can never tell you that because you wouldn’t care anyway.

I would waste my time, beg for your attention and chase you. But that’s not a womanly thing to do. So I’ll just sit back, relax and wait. I will never stop thinking about you still.

There was not at all a time you didn’t cross my mind. Because you live in my heart and you’ll always be there. I have so many unsaid feelings left, although they’re better left unsaid. You wouldn’t care anyway. I am thinking about you again. I can never stop.

Every morning when I wake up, you cross my mind. You spend the whole day there until I start to fall asleep late at night. I can never promise you that I will stop thinking about. Because you will live forever in my mind.

I am here thinking about you like crazy and waiting for you. please be here.