Here Are 7 Types Of People You Will Definitely Meet At The Gym


Nameless people somehow earn their places in your list once you frequent the gym. What with the place having full length mirrors, limited number of equipment, shared bathroom and locker areas, you can’t help but recognize their faces, if not their habits. Serious gym-goers aside, here is a list of the atypical people you can meet in a room full of busy equipment and flurry activities:

1. Old-Timers aka the Buff: They are the ones who’ll make any member feel that working out is the easiest thing in the world. They lift heavy barbels in front of mirrors and admire their bulging muscles and superb posture. Sitting at the lounge the longest, drinking coffee, and talking to the recruiters, the Buff can make any guest or client feel that he has come to the right place to exercise! Surely a year’s expensive membership is worth it.

2. Newbies aka the Enthusiast: They go to classes every single day that one can’t help but wonder: Don’t these people have anything else to do? It seems that from the time they realized there was nothing more important than keeping one’s body fit, they have changed their routines and, with intense determination, made going to the gym their priority. They have memorized the schedule of classes they need to attend and they are in first-name-basis with almost all the trainers in the gym. We all love Newbies for their energy. Besides, they rack in sales better than the recruiting team because they manage to pull half of their relatives and colleagues!

3. Newspaper Readers aka the Hermit: Usually old men who satisfy themselves perusing leaves after leaves of newspaper, they wait for their wives or partners to finish working out. They probably workout as well, but they won’t let anyone see it.

4. Newscasters aka Storytellers: Usually the Hermits’ partners, they love to keep everybody within earshot updated with either current events, celebrities or their personal lives. Seriously, there are many things you can learn from them unless you plug your earphones on. In case you miss an update, all of you have to do is stay in the shower area or the lounge. Sometimes you wonder if they spend the time toning their bodies or working their mouths but either way, they’ve paid a great deal to socialize, they deserve that amount of air-time, and they won’t hesitate to take advantage of that.

5. Nerds aka the Googler: Did you just ask yourself what these guys are doing in the gym? Howver, there isn’t any room for discrimination in a room filled with metallic fumes infused with sweat. They love to pester anyone who’d listen about the number of calories there is in a cookie and how you can best burn it. Don’t scorn them as you can get useful tips on how to stay fit without searching Google.

6. Dreamers: I prefer to put these people in the same category as they exhibit similarities:

a) Selfie Experts: Who doesn’t love a good selfie? A fantastic Before-and-After video can certainly encourage people to workout. Then again, some of the Dreamers take too many selfies as if it’s a part of their routine and can help them burn some calories by twisting their bodies here and there to get the perfect angle and lifting their humongous phones to capture their sweaty bodies. You just gotta love them.

b) Concert Artists: Among the Dreamers, they are my favorite. I love how energetic these people can be, dancing and prancing, channeling their inner Beyonce, to the music only they can hear. They strut the hallway like Tyra Banks does on the runway.

c) Single Spies: Similar to the buffs, they love to look at the mirror but unlike the former, the latter love to appraise the bulging muscles of those lifting weights or the round glutes of those on the treadmill. Single Spies do this very discreetly that it appears they are just looking at their own muscles or how form fitting their gym outfits are.

7. Audience aka Newbies’ Friends: They observe everybody and dare come up with their list of people they meet in the gym.

Different these people may be but they do share things in common: their dedication to do something for themselves. Did you see yourself in any of the types? What kind of gym-goer are you?