Here Are 10 Types Of People You Should NEVER Surround Yourself With


If there is one saying that could be agreed upon, it is this:

“You are who you surround yourself with.”

Do you have any of those times when someone has asked you about keeping in touch with this or that person, only to say (or even hear from others), “yea, we just grew apart.” But, you never really thought about why? It was an afterthought—or so, it seemed.

There was a reason, you knew there was. It may have been subconscious, but you knew as you were growing apart that you and them, just had different interests. You knew that it was just best to go your separate ways. It happens—we are very selective. We create double standards all the time yet blast each other about it. We give a pass for some people, while barring others.

Life involves people, and part of that self-development, growth and maturity involves examining the people that fill it.

10 types of people that must be removed from your life, and to be avoided at all costs. No exceptions:

1. The Poisonous.

They do not accept responsibility for their own actions. They play the victim card and blame others for what is wrong in their lives. They do not take any action. They abuse—they abuse themselves, they abuse others, they abuse drugs and abuse alcohol. In short, they are not happy. They are toxic. They are not optimistic and have that typical, “me against the world” mentality.

2. The Envious.

Saying one thing and feeling another. Family is guilty of this as well, you would be surprised. Those who were just bitter about not reaching a level of success and accomplishment, and in turn, envy those around them who were able to. They are jealous and may even secretly wish that you fail only to feel better about themselves. They are easier to spot than you think—all about body language.

3. The Gossip Queen.

Those who speak ill of others are those who are deeply misguided and insecure. They derive pleasure from others’ misfortunes. They spend too much time worrying about what others are doing, instead of focusing on themselves. Time is the greatest commodity and that time should be focused on improving yourself, not belittling others. In fact, in some cultures and religions—gossiping is forbidden and considered a sin.

4. The Narcissist.

That one person who manages to turn every single possible situation about themselves. That one person who is always interrupting; who is always craving that attention; who is always louder than everyone else. That one person who just does not care about the well-being of others—only themselves.

5. The Master Manipulator.

Manipulation is a terrible art and one that is incredibly deceiving. They will pretend to be your friend to serve their hidden agenda. They will pretend to get to know you and only use your likes and dislikes to their advantage. They will hurt you, belittle you and use you for things that only benefit them. The key with this one is that they always take, but never give.

6. The Talker.

That person who talks about what they have, or what they are going to do without doing anything about it. They talk too much and never act. They over-promise and severely under-deliver. Most of the time, they never even deliver.

7. The Passive Aggressor.

They never follow through. They mask their thoughts by complimenting, while taking shots at the same time. They are terrible communicators. They are vengeful and mask their resentment and anger with a phony smile. As a result, resentment builds around them as well.

8. The Entitled.

There is not much that needs to be said about this one. They just expect any or all opportunities in life to fall in their laps because of what they have or who they think they are, instead of putting in the work and making the pursuit.

9. The Drama Queen.

Both genders are severely guilty of this one. It is that one person who makes everything a big deal. It is that one person who internalizes everything and takes every action of others as a personal insult. This one wears their emotions on their sleeves and are the ones who are also deeply insecure. Not only are they insecure, but they are the narcissist’s cousins. Why? Because (again) they assume that life revolves around them.

10. The Pure YOLO-ist.

Living life on the edge and taking on valuable experiences is exciting and exhilarating. Although it may seem attractive to adopt this mantra, beware of those who truly live purely by the YOLO lifestyle. They may seem exciting, yet they are withdrawn. They may seem adventurous, yet they are irresponsible. They cannot develop meaningful relationships, because they are busy thinking about what is next. This is true in not only their own adventures, but also true when it comes to the people they interact with. You are on their clock.