Headline News: Sisqo Releases Third Album After 14 Year Delay




After almost 14 years, Sisqo has finally released his long awaited third album Last Dragon. This will mark the third and final release in the Dragon Trilogy, following releases Unleash the Dragon, and Return of Dragon. In the years between album releases, Sisqo kept busy, acting in an episode of Sabrina The Teenage Witch, AND an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap.

Many people were following My Bloody Valentine closely as they toured the US in 2008, promising a new album within the year. But with so much time in the studio, “perfecting” an album that ?uestlove had stated was 99.9% done in 2012, many were expecting D’Angelo’s release to feel forced. How could it possibly compare to his instant classic “The Spaghetti Incident?”

?uestlove succeeded in opening his fried chicken restaurant in New York City’s Chelsea Market; however, after less than six months, the company went out of business. It was unfortunate timing, as I watched his Top Chef appearance, in which he attempted to promote his restaurant, just a few days after it closed.

There are still a few KFCs inNew York City, but the quality of their chicken is not that great. Most New Yorkers, like myself, have been left searching for reasonably priced, good quality fried chicken. But in today’s day and age, where should we turn?

In summation, Jupiter Ascending is predicted to lose $200 million at the worldwide box office.