He Won’t Love You If He Doesn’t Love The Whole You


It means what it means. You might tell yourself maybe if I was thinner or sexier he would notice me differently. Maybe if I was a bit more tentative to his stories he would notice how much I like him. Or maybe if I try to get close with his sisters maybe he’ll like me too. But none of it matters because he won’t love you if he doesn’t love you.

You can try to be a different person. Or even pretend to be a different person but to him you are and will always be the same. You don’t have to try so hard to make him notice you. Because the person who truly loves you will notice even the smallest of things.

The person who doesn’t love you won’t notice anything different. He won’t see how much you’ve tried or the effort you’ve put into something. He won’t see that everyday you are growing more in love with him because to him you are just an ordinary person like everyone else in his life.

But believe me, someday a person, the right person will hunger for your attention. For your love and affection. Those little things won’t mean anything to him because all he notices is you.

He won’t care that you changed your hair to black because he told you that whatever your hair color will be he will still love you, the whole you. Even if you tried to lose weight or do the things that make him happy. He won’t see it as effort, he will see it as love because you love yourself when your with him. And that together you grow to be better.

A person who truly loves you will love the whole you, no questions asked.

It won’t come as something forced or something he has to do. Because it comes naturally. He will love you for you.