He Is The Habit Her Heart Refuses To Let Go Of


“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” – Warren Buffett

It’s the same story of “girl meets boy and falls in love.” The caveat in this story is that boy doesn’t fall in love with the girl yet, so the mistake of waiting around for him begins. In this case, three years, allowing “enough” time to prove her love, her qualities, and all the beauty she can bring to his life, only to still end up empty-handed.

Time heals all wounds. Time passes. She learns about self-confidence, makes her career choice, and dedicates herself to success, she learns what it takes to be a respected woman, learns life lessons. People (boys in this particular case) come and go, each one allowing her to know what she doesn’t need or want.

Then, one ordinary day, her “love” makes an appearance. She knows she won’t be shaken. After all, she knows what she wants out of life and knows what she wants that special person to be like… right? She has managed this far without him. 

How can it be that after repeated rehearsals in front of the mirror of what she would tell him, all she can actually do is stand speechless and vulnerable like a lost puppy looking for comfort? She feels her heart skip a beat because her heart goes back to the past. He walks in like an old habit and she falls for his smile, humor, smell, his looks toward her, and the security he wraps her with one simple hug—those qualities she longs to find with every boy that walks into her life.

He fills that void with one encounter.

After she has time to collect her thoughts, she knows she can’t let him back into her heart at the drop of a hat. She’s wiser now. Her mind wanders to who might be holding his heart now. Suddenly, the thought runs across her mind: What if she just gave him one more opportunity to hold her heart?

However, a goodbye is better for her, or at least that’s what her good friends advise her to do.

She asks God for guidance because somehow, she feels that she is giving up on the boy she once thought was all she needed to feel complete.

He is the habit her heart refuses to let go of.