He Can Break My Heart Over And Over, But I Will Still Forgive Him


Falling in love might seem to be the most exciting feeling until I realise that falling in love with the wrong person can stress me out.

My significant other is the kindest-hearted guy I would never regret to be committed in a relationship to; and I couldn’t ask for more. Along the journey, I find that my relationship is heading nowhere. My other half started to be a lot busier than he used to be.

Just when I felt the loneliness, someone I knew long time ago walked into my heart, trying to make me fall for him. It took me about three “I fell for you” to make me decide to have another fling while I still continued my relationship with my other half. I became as excited as those fireworks on the New Year’s Eve. I could survive staying till late at night just to talk to him over the phone, although both of us were really conscious that our relationship was just so wrong. He has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend.

But all the fireworks gone in a second when I was facing him confront me over a small argue and I was stuck in the biggest fight, in my life, with him in the middle of the night on a Saturday. My biggest fear, trust issue, suddenly popped up to the surface again.

He suddenly beaten himself up and I was there crying and fearful. I was scared he would beat me up. His eyes were so intimidating, looking down on me. He was yelling at me and did never give me a good night kiss or cuddle.

Until he asked for forgiveness the next day; until he promised me to never hurt me ever again. Until I realised that none of my best friends ever like him for having hurt me. But, I still showed him love and forgiveness.

But once it was a mistake, it will become a mistake forever.

No matter how hard I try to let go of him, he will always find a way to conquer my heart. No matter how many times he has broken my heart, there is always still a space for him.