Happy Girls Cry Too


Because it is human to feel more than just happiness

Because sometimes, you can’t deny the fact that life just is not easy

And that things just do not always go our way

And while that it okay, in the moment, it rarely feels like it is

It usually feels like the worst thing

You can be a happy girl, who cries sometimes

You can be a happy girl, who is mad sometimes

It simply means that you are human

You are a person before you are a happy person

You are affected by the things that happen to you

You are inspired by things that happen around you

Let yourself be more than just fine

Let yourself feel more than just good

Let yourself be a full person

Don’t hide behind “happy”, because then it is anything but

Allow yourself to engage honestly with the world around you

With the world that is within you

Be honest with where you are and what you feel


Happy girls who hide their sad days and their pain from people in their lives and from themselves are not happy girls. They are girls pretending to be happy

Happy girls are honest about what they feel

Honest about who they are and where they are

They are happy because they aren’t burdened with secrets pertaining to their identity

They are happy because they can cry

They can be honest with themselves and those around them when it’s good and when it is not

Happy girls cry because they are human and humans have ups AND downs

But the happy girl is happy because through it all, she is consistent

She is who she is

She lives her full life

Her best one

She is happy because she never stops living the life of her dreams

Even when pursuing those dreams, makes her cry

Even when being here is hard

Her happiness is not pretense

It doesn’t mean that life is perfect

But she appreciates every moment that she has and that she is here

Even in the ones when all she can do is cry