Guys Can Be Heartbroken Too


Somewhere along the line, they’ve forgotten about us. And that’s understandable; it’s probably best for some of us that they do so. They forget that not all of us are women. We don’t just break hearts, we own them. And sometimes, despite our best efforts, they get broken too. We’d never admit it to our boys, nor would they to us. We choose not to show our emotions in the way that women want.

We like to pretend that we don’t have emotions. There are no hearts on our sleeves, we went to a tailor long ago and had them removed and stitched up. Yet somehow, despite our best efforts, here we find ourselves broken hearted and alone.

For us, there is no girl’s night out. There isn’t a big container of ice cream and break up movies to keep us on those lonely nights. What do we have? We have a reality to face, one that will define us.

We should stop pretending. We are men, yes. But, does that mean that we don’t feel? When she left you, she took something from you and just like any other man, you want it back. The problem is you don’t know exactly what it is or was.

You’ll fuck up the breakup for sure. You’ll decide that the best thing for you to do is to gather up your courage, put on your best and put on a brave show for your friends who are no doubt telling you that you can do better. And do better, you’ll try. You’ll wake up one morning next to a body that you decided would suffice for the night and it won’t mean anything. The hole that was left inside you isn’t filled yet.

So, you decide that the best thing to do is to try and mess with your ex in hopes that it’ll make her feel something for you. God forbid you should have to deal with your own feelings. If she would just come back, you wouldn’t have to even try to make yourself feel anything. But no, she decides go from hard to get to never going to happen to this is crazy, leave me alone.

Finally, when you can’t take it anymore, you’ll decide that you should just drown your sorrows in whatever alcohol is lying around.

And as much as you try to pretend it’s helping, nothing is found at the bottom of a bottle of Jack Daniels besides a hangover and regret. When no one else is looking, you may even shed a tear for her and in that moment, you’ll realize, your heart is broken. What do you do with this new information?

You get up, and you take a shower. You head out, and you look for yourself like you never have before. Your broken heart is merely a crutch and you’re ready to run a race but its holding you back. Who were you before? A beer guzzling, sports watching, man, who just did what he wanted to do. And if by chance, you should run into the woman who broke your heart. You should smile at her and thank her for helping you remember that life goes on, even for us guys.