Google Tweeted Out A Map Of The Most Misspelled Word In Each State And It’s Hilariously Cringeworthy


Ah, spelling bees. What are they good for if not making you feel stupider than an elementary schooler? But have no fear, this map of America’s most misspelled words may leave you feeling like a genius yet again.

In honor of the upcoming Scripps Spelling Bee, Google decided to give us a map of each state’s most popular “how to spell _____” query. And honestly, it’s pretty embarrassing for nearly everyone.

Let’s just say this isn’t quite what I expected.

While some states have pretty understandable search terms (Washington’s “pneumonia” and Pennsylvania’s “sauerkraut”, for instance), others sort of make you want to face palm (or move out of the country).

And for once, we’re not even making fun of states like Florida or Texas.

It kind of makes you wonder why so many people were looking up so much of the same search term.

More importantly, it kind of makes you wonder why the hell Wisconsin’s most-searched “how to spell” term is “Wisconsin”.

Honestly, we should all be embarrassed.

Here’s a poem to take your mind off the fact that our country has no foreseeable future.

Good day.