God Is The God Of Process


When we find ourselves creating visions about the future, whether it be about what to achieve, where to go, or what paths to take, we often fail to remember the process that comes along with it.

Sometimes, we become so consumed about getting into the destination that we often forget the route to pass through—that in order to get to the end, there is a road to cross over.

When Jesus said that you will cross over to the other side, you will cross over to the other side. As humans, we want to rush this. But we don’t want to hurry God; He wants us to go through the process.

In the process you begin to trust Him a little bit more until no one can shake you.

“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” Psalm 119:105

The process is very important, just like in a woman giving birth. We don’t rush a woman to give birth because we don’t want an immature baby.

As we wait on God, we can be certain that He has already prepared that beforehand.

It’s good to plan and be sure on the steps to take. But sometimes, it’s also good to remember that it doesn’t have to make sense all the time.

Involve God in your life. Never stop dreaming, never stop believing for something greater, never stop asking God to deposit visions in your heart, and never stop asking God to show you a glimpse of the future. Because the way God works is like a puzzle piece; He will not show you the entire picture, because if He did, you wouldn’t need to trust Him.

Respect the process and grow on the process. That’s where you will learn to trust God. And rest assured, He will bring things to you and for you.