Give Yourself The Gift Of Embracing Every Single One Of Your Imperfections


Growing up was a struggle, if you were like me – one of those girls who had raging hormones, bad breakouts, and frequent facials… basically, acne. I’ve had my fair share of splurging on treatments claiming to be effective, switching from one product to another, and even developing various skin rituals. I used to care so much on other people’s perception about me, and I was too focused on getting rid of acne just to feel beautiful in the standards of the society.

I was insecure, self-conscious, and very anxious. People often bullied me because of my face, and it was the worst part of going through puberty. The joke was always on me and my acne, as if suffering it wasn’t enough. I let their opinions get through me, and ruin my day. I allowed them to define me, when in fact they know nothing. I also kept on comparing myself with people who were obviously better, and only to end up feeling down. I was my own worst critic, and still am. I grew up with a low self-esteem, often questioning my worth as a person. Not realizing that these destructive behaviors have changed me little by little, until I didn’t know who I was anymore.

I became a monster, and I was fine with it. I hated life, and I was always mad with the world. I had anger management issues, which I was really in denial of at first. I refused to believe that something was already wrong with me, besides my acne. You could say that I lacked confidence in everything that I did, and I was quite a pessimist.

I was always surprised when someone would believe in my capabilities, and put their trust in me – it made me change my perspective about life, and all these flaws. If not for the people who gave me opportunities, as they saw potential in me, then I wouldn’t be who I am now. I have learned to love myself and just stop feeling sorry. Luckily, my acne got better over the years, but the scars have remained as a reminder of what I went through. The journey to achieving a clear skin is far from over, but I am now doing it for the right reasons.

I now understand the struggles of people dealing with their own imperfections, and I have nothing but respect and love for them. Sometimes, you have to fight your battles with courage, because that’s when you’ll grow as a person. Truth is, deep down we all just want to be accepted, to feel normal, and to feel as if we belong.

Today, I can even look in the mirror without feeling disgust. Sure, I do enjoy enhancing my face with the help of makeup, and it’s indeed heaven sent – but on some days, I just love feeling naturally beautiful. It’s all about being comfortable in your own skin, and believing that you are lovely inside and out. Embracing all of your flaws is the best gift you could ever give to yourself.

Then one day, someone will come along when you least expect it, and accept you and your imperfections wholeheartedly.