Give Me Truth (Even If It Breaks My Heart)


You get mad at me.
Say I don’t know how to talk about my feelings like an adult,
When I could accuse you of the same thing.
I hide behind emoji’s and “I don’t knows”,
You hide behind dick pics and lust,
I don’t know what we are,
But I know if I ask I won’t get the answer I want.
You give me heartfelt advice,
And worry about me,
And get jealous when someone else likes me,
Yet you tell me you don’t share my feelings,
But you “like” me,
That you can be a “jerk” but you’re not an “asshole”,
What the hell is all of that supposed to mean?!
And then just when I think I understand what we are,
You change the rules of the game.
You make friend-zone jokes,
But then when I make them back you tell me “we were never friends”,
I meet your dad,
And help you paint your apartment,
And run errands with you.
If that’s not friendship, and it’s definitely not more, then what the hell?
All I want-
All I need,
Is just for you to sit down with me,
And talk,
Tell me what’s going on in your head,
Not just some bullshit meant to placate me,
But the honest reality of you,
And yes, maybe I wish your words would be the same as mine, but I know they won’t,
And I can deal with that,
Just give me some stability,
Some God’s honest truth-
Before I lose my mind trying to figure you out.