Girls, You Don’t Have To Act Like Ladies


This is for all the girls out there who feel like their voices do not matter.

As a girl, I grew up being told to sit like a lady at all times.

I grew up being told I should wear dresses.

I grew up being told to never leave the house without fixing my hair.

I grew up being told to not go out late at night because it is dangerous.

I grew up thinking I was an insect towards boys.

I grew up thinking I should never play football because that is only for boys.

I grew up not having the freedom my brothers all have.

I grew up the way people wanted me to grow up.

I deformed my inner self trying to please the people around me and I never left room for myself.

I was told how to think, how to talk, how to walk and eat.

People got into my mind, telling me that I should not beat some boy’s ass. That I should not respond to dirty, rude, and inappropriate comments old men give me. That I should not show skin if I did not want to get comments or even get raped.

In easier words, I was told how to live my life.

And I hate that.

I said I grew up thinking like that but I never respected those thoughts.

I never listened to people when they told me I should act like a lady, I should wear dresses — or whatever the fuck people thought I should do. I did everything I felt I should do.

Because I am the owner of myself and my life. I was born to live, not to follow rules.

So girls, raise your voice louder and remember you are the one that decides whether to follow rules where girls always get pushed back or make your own rules and live the fuck out of your life.

I love you all — because I stand with girls.