Girl, It’s Time For You To Get Up Again


Girl, get up!

It’s been a long road with many bumps and bruises. We’ve been through the trenches together and have seen the sun rise in the morning and set at night. We’ve cried many tears—happy, sad, angry, frustrated, all of that. We’ve known better and have not done better. We’ve been better and still fell short. We’ve given the best advice and have been given some of the best advice. We’ve listened and we’ve ignored. Ignored and listened. Life has left us dancing and more alive than ever.

Then, well, life has just left us. Left us empty, holding on by a thread, wishing we could wake up and it would all of a sudden be over. Clinging onto any ounce of hope that our souls will one day repair itself. Wiping tears just as fast as they fall. Smiling for the world while breaking inside. Not even knowing if there was anything left inside. However, in the midst of all of the pain, hurt, and confusion, life surprises us.

Surprises us in a way we could’ve never imagined because what we imagine of ourselves is nothing compared to what we actually have the potential to become. Instead of feeling the pain, we start to feel the butterflies; instead of crying, we start rejoicing; and instead of the emptiness, we start to feel whole again. Why, you ask? Well, it’s life, and girl, you’re one strong individual!

Wipe your face, turn on your gangster rap, grab a cup of coffee, and get the ish done! With everything inside of you—and I mean everything—pull yourself together. This generation needs you. I need you, and women all over the world feeling what you feel in this very moment need you. This generation needs to see girls all over the world get up again!