Fuck Somedays Let’s Live Today


“Someday” feels an awful lot like something people say when they mean “never”.

Do not take me somewhere beautiful someday. Do not say what you feel you have to say, no. Say what you need to say. If you do not wish to walk with me, then wish me a good day and walk away.

But if you want to walk by my side, it does not matter where, or when, or how… please, let’s not make plans for someday.

This life is too short for untrue words and half-beating hearts, our days too uncertain for half-assed plans. The winds of time will blow away our pretensions to leave only what’s real, what has grown roots in our minds and our relationship.

So hold my hand and let’s walk together today. Tomorrow. The day after, this weekend. I do not care, so long as I am by your side. So long as your heart smiles when you are by mine.

Invite me for coffee tomorrow, then let’s plan a swim in the sea on Sunday. Tell me the time, I am yours. I have all the time in the world to share in the human experience.

Because time is something that we make. If you want to find yourself by my side, if you long for laughter, for connection, for some sincere heart-divesting and soul-gazing, if I feel the same… our time belongs to us, and we can make it for each other.

We can pick up the phone and not postpone, we can take responsibility for our connection with the weight of an inescapable certainty – that this is the only life we get, and it is up to us to share some of the glory of being alive in each other’s company.

I can savor each passing moment in your presence, revel in the immediacy of each sensation all the more… when I know that we are experiencing the kiss of God together.

I have all the time in the world for this. But I have no patience for somedays.