From My More-Experienced Self To My Younger Self, Sometimes Life Is Hard


Dear younger me,

There are so many things I want to share with you, without divulging too much. But where do I even start?

I guess by now the first two lines have already hinted to you that this habit of never being able to decide how to tell a tale is not really gonna leave you. You will always be too full of information and never have enough time to arrange your thoughts. You will always be in a mad rush to know it all. Your love for new things and new places will never ever let life be boring for you. But do not take too much pride in your curiosity.

No matter how keen and curious you might be, sometimes you need to learn to let things just be. Sometimes you just need to ponder upon things you already know and find your answers there.

I wish I could tell you things will get easier with time, but it won’t.

The battles will get tougher and the struggle will get more real by the day. But over time you will realize that it’s the strongest among us who are given the toughest battles to fight. You will get better at adapting. You will learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. You will learn to value your scars as they will be the witness to your inner strength. You will realize that these deep waters are nothing but mirrors that you have been exposed to so that you can see what you truly are and value yourself.

I wish I could tell you the guy who you consider your whole world at this point of time is really your forever, but I can’t.

Your heart will break into a million pieces. The die-hard romantic in you will stop believing in the love that you read about in Jane Austen novels. You will become cynical and in trying to convince yourself that you can still love, you will end up breaking some beautiful hearts; but you will eventually make peace with solitude. The colors and brushes that are currently gathering dust in your old room, don’t throw them away. You are going to be best friends with them someday. You are going to use them to color your world, when the color of love leaves it grey.

The friends you lose along the way, let their loss not dampen your spirits. Everyone has a free will and they would have left anyway, even if you would have persuaded them to stay. Learn to value human relations, but once they end, do not grieve the loss.

Do not ruin your present by holding on to the past. Learn to let it go.

For now I can leave you with just this. If I go on, I might not really be able to stop and end up revealing too much. You won’t find life fun if you know it all beforehand. Always remember that beauty lies in the details. All I can say is its going to be one hell of a ride and you are gonna love every minute of it. So long, till you catch up with me.


Your more experienced self.