French Police Raid/Kill Charlie Hebdo Murderers, Save Hostages


The BBC and a number of other agencies are reporting that both hostage sites (as discussed here) have been raided and that all three hostage takers, two of who took part in the deadly attacks which killed 12 on Wednesday, have been killed by the police.

Explosions were heard at a printworks warehouse in Dammartin-en-Goele, where two suspects in the Charlie Hebdo shootings had been holding one hostage.


Explosions and gunfire could also be heard at a supermarket in eastern Paris, at Porte de Vincennes, where a gunman had held several hostages.

No word on whether all of the hostages were recovered unhurt. A number of smaller explosions were seen and gunfire was heard as the raids commenced. At least one of the hostage takers who took part in Wednesday’s attacks is alleged to have been trained by al-Qa’ida in Yemen.

featured image – YouTube