For The Person Who Always Feels Like They’re Second Best


Whether you are in the top two of your class, in the top two of the list of people to get that promotion, the second favorite child, his second love, or just the second option in any existing list there is, read this and know that these circumstances have no power over you, hence they can never dictate your worth.

People might make you feel that you are never the material they are hoping to have in their lives. Some might push you away to give opportunities to what or to whom they think are more worthy of the risk they are doubtful, if not even willing, to take for you. Some might walk away because they believe everything is greener from the side you’re not on, having delays in realizations that things are only ever greener because the other yards are filled with fake, artificial grass. People, things, or life in general can sometimes make you feel that you are not worthy to be chosen, nor even be considered.

You might feel like you always have to battle for your place, for a stand and a name. Take a break from these clouded thoughts and take time to see that you’re not destined to surrender as just the second best. You are brought up and kept alive in this world to make a name for yourself in His time and in His glory, to create the life you have always desired to live, to remember that you are the person who never has to settle as a shadow to someone nor to anyone else because you are your own light. Be aware that you don’t need anybody else’s assurance for you to realize your worth, to know that you are special, that other people’s validation is of no essence compared to yours. Each tick of the clock is a chance for you to pick up your shattered pieces, and every day is a waking day for you to be aware that you have something remarkable to offer, something extraordinary that the people you get intimidated by don’t even possess.

Your value is not defined by the standards nor by the norms set by people and by our now seemingly-oblivious society. You have to value yourself enough to know that taking time to choose yourself is just as important as taking care of others. You have to start prioritizing yourself, because the people you expect to do this for you won’t—they might, but they won’t always. They will consistently have their doubts, and this goes on as you have yours. Who do you expect to lift you up, then? No one but yourself. Regardless of how cliché it is, you only have yourself until the end. You have got to learn to stand up on your own, keep your head high, and finally be able to stop chasing the ones who, without hesitation, turn their backs on you, especially those who intentionally close their eyes.

There’s nothing greater than having the freedom to walk this world knowing that you don’t simply live but also exist. There’s no greater feeling than freeing yourself from the prison cell of self-pity; thinking that you can never be the best, that being average is all you’ll ever be, that you are the no-good number two. Life is too short to wait in other people’s line, wishing to be their first choice, when there’s not even a waiting list on your side. People aren’t items to be numbered. Stay unlisted.