Be Thankful For Your Sibling’s Love, No Matter Your Differences


You grew up together. The memories you have of childhood, they’re in them, and they’re not only in them they’re an integral part of them, a cherished part of them, they’re partly the reason you have so many memories.

And growing up you may have had your little differences, refusal to share your toys, a fight or two on the playground, a couple diary entries read without permission, but these were just the insignificant ones. Because in childhood every little moment seems to be clouded with a kind of innocence that makes you wake up the next morning as if nothing bad happened the day before. The insignificant differences you had in childhood were easily forgotten, easily forgiven, and then as you started to get older, something changed. Grudges became familiar, and they made forgiveness foreign; they made forgetting harder.

The refusal to share toys became arguments and ordeals that you couldn’t have imagined as a child. Things a child doesn’t and shouldn’t have to understand. Because as you got older life became more complex. Each of your lives became fuller, full of more responsibilities and obligations, full of more difficult decisions and opportunities, full of more people, coworkers, friends, loved ones and significant others. Life is no longer clouded by the innocence of childhood, and the tiny sibling differences grow to become something bigger.

And as we become adults with our own lives we begin to grow apart, and staying in touch isn’t difficult, but we somehow make it that way, and it’s not that we aren’t thinking of one another, it’s that we let life get in the way. And as we let life get between us, any differences that do arise become infinitely harder to overcome.

But I don’t want to let those differences obscure love, ever. Because whatever aspects of life we let come between us, whatever complications that create feuds or fights or disagreements, whatever incidents occur that hinder our communication for weeks, months, maybe years, we have to remember that they’ll never be as strong as the love we have for one another, and we can’t let these differences fool us into thinking that they are. We are sisters, brothers, we are siblings, and we need to remember how lucky we are to have each other.

Let your love overcome the differences, let love win. Be there for one another, reach out, stay in touch. Remember how unique a sibling’s love is, and then remember how lucky you are to have it.