For Girls With Electric Souls


The girls who are hopelessly misunderstood and curiously questioned, but unfazed regardless, this is for you. Your unquenchable thirst for adventure and infinite wonder burns like a constellation of stars, and those around you can feel it radiating from within you.

You vibrate on a higher frequency, a different one than most. The urge to channel your passions is unfathomable, and unknowingly you seem to do so everywhere, in everything.

From the words you speak to your effortlessly invigorating demeanor, you make even small pleasures feel pure and fulfilling. Being around you is tranquil yet exhilarating.

You seek thrill, happiness, and opportunity above all, and it always finds its way to you. Some may call you impractical or whimsical, but you find nothing wrong with either implication. You know you are driven by the callings of your soul, and you couldn’t have it any other way.

You’ve always felt like you were destined for more in life, and you won’t settle for any less. It’s not large amounts of money or material possessions you seek; you look for things far more priceless.

You want to be able to set a spark in everyone you meet, much like the one that burns in your soul. You want to be surrounded by people who feel similar urges, who are placeless like you, unrooted not in a specific place or community but instead anywhere that makes them feel both alive and at peace.

You love fiercely and unconditionally, and you never hesitate to make that known. You have fallen against all odds, got back up and tried again with a full heart, and you have walked away even when it seemed unbearable.

Although you guard your heart and lock it away, your hopeless wonder often prevails and lets your wild passions run free. You are vibrant and resilient; you are indecisive and disoriented.

You might not always have it together, but you always make it. Your charisma is timeless and despite your mistakes, the lessons you’ll learn, and the path you choose, you’ll always have an electric soul.