For 2018, I Pray That You Learn To Put God First


Coming towards the end of 2017, for most of us it may have been the year of change: for good or for bad. And for some of us, it’s been a reflective year in terms of our character: looking back on who we were and who we strive to be.

For the upcoming year, I pray that you become more gentle with yourself; to understand that even seemingly little progress amounts to progress.

I pray that you start to take things day by day; to not stress yourself out but remember instead to breathe.

I pray that you see greatness even in the littlest of things; but most importantly to not question your own beauty in the midst of appreciating beauty around you.

For the year of 2018, I pray that you learn to place God at the centre of your life.

I pray that you realise by putting God first, things will fall into place.

I pray that you realise that by putting God first; you do not have to worry about tomorrow – for tomorrow will worry for itself.

I pray that you start to understand that having self-love is not selfish; but how God’s love for you goes beyond any love you can imagine.

I pray that you start to open your heart to the people around you; and to understand that not everyone and everything is out to hurt you.

I pray that your journey of faith will grow in leaps and bounds; that you will be able to touch the lives of others with your testimony.

I pray for everything that you go through, whether it being one of the worst weeks of your life or the best week; that you will remember that He will sustain you if you put your trust in Him.

I pray that despite your love for others; you will not invalidate your own emotions or your situation.

I pray that as you head into the new year, things will slowly (but surely) fall into place for you.

For the year 2018,

I pray that we all will make the effort to understand each other;

To respect one another;

To realise that a simple ‘how are you’ goes a long way;

That mental health is something that should not be brushed aside and is very real;

And that with love we are united.

But most importantly,

I pray that you will put God at the centre of your life;

And with His love,

We are unstoppable.