Five Things You’ll Realize The Moment You Replace Tough Love With True Love


People nowadays are so confused about the love that they have.

They compromise things because they wanted to have a happy ending, even if they are hurting.

Thus, we need to face the truth that not everything has a good ending. Perhaps, some of you are just holding on because you’re afraid to lose the battle for you have invested so much for the relationship, or, maybe you’re just too attached and comfortable on your current situation that’s why you’re afraid to go out of your comfort zone. But, let me remind you that true love is not just about those ideas. It’s more than that.

For this reason, I decided to share to you five things that perhaps would help you identify the real score of your current situation. I am not saying that everything is accurate and factual, but I am hoping that at least this article would help you figure out things for the better version of things around you.

You will know that you’ve replaced the tough love with true love when…

You are able to identify the difference between right and wrong.

Things become more rational especially when you decide on situations. You are now more aware of the consequences you might face for the sake of the relationship that you have.

You’re starting to go out of your box.

You’re not afraid to do new things with the one you love because you know that whatever it is, it will always be fun and memorable for you are doing it together and you are making your happy memories with each other.

You’re starting to let go of the bad things and you try to replace them with new beginnings.

You are more of an optimistic person who never looks back on the past and is more excited for the new adventures you will have with the one you love.

You’re trying to embrace that “leap of faith” idea.

After experiencing the tough love, your true love will be your leap of faith. You will start to hold on to that small thing that will keep you going – that is his/her love for you. When you believe on it and you’ll start embracing this idea, it will give you hope to keep moving.

You’re lifting up all that is going to happen between you and him/her to the one who really knows the ending.

When you found your true love, everything will have its own direction. You will be more concerned of the assurance of your future with the blessing of your loved ones and most especially the blessing and grace of the one who first loved us.