Finding Peace In 15 Little Everyday Things


There are a lot of things we overlook as our lives become consumed by big events, upcoming deadlines, and changing circumstances. When we’re stuck in that haze of trudging forward, we often don’t have time to look around. It’s easy to forget during our various pursuits that there’s light all around us if we know where to look. These are perhaps in the moments we take for granted or end up replacing our appreciation for with acceptance. So, let’s take this chance to remember that when life gets difficult and the challenges are overwhelming, there’s still something wonderful to be found in all the little things.

1. Listening to the rain.

Something that innately soothes the ears and soul.

2. Being the last person awake in the house.

Experiencing time slow down when everything is at last silent.

3. Sipping a cup of tea.

Having that gentle warmth relax you from the inside out.

4. Folding fresh laundry.

Breathing in the pure, fulfilling scent of cleanliness.

5. Taking a hot shower.

Standing still and letting the heat completely embrace your body.

6. Not setting an alarm.

Allowing your sleep to indulge in a deep cloud of nothingness.

7. Petting a purring cat.

Smooth vibrations that soften your heart.

8. Having zero notifications.

Freedom from the pressure of responses and never-ending updates.

9. Looking over a balcony.

Seeing the world in that smaller form, knowing life will go on.

10. Sending an overdue email.

Reveling in the sense of productivity.

11. Blasting music.

Cleansing the mind with the lyrics of another person.

12. Catching the shift to twilight.

Believing in the wonder that paints the sky purple.

13. Eating ice cream.

The sweet, magical sensation of unhappiness melting away.

14. Smiling at a stranger.

Knowing you’ve imparted and shared in that tiny bit of joy.

15. Watching birds fly.

Feeling your own spirit somehow rising with nature.