Fighting For Love Doesn’t Mean You Have To Abandon Yourself


Fighting for the one you love doesn’t mean you have to abandon yourself in the process.

We have had this preconceived notion that love isn’t supposed to be easy. That it is hard because love is earned. Love is everything but easy, so our bodies can learn from the hardships. Every romance movie has this similar plot. You fight for what you want. Especially love.

But do not lose yourself with the thought of fighting for someone. The more you fight to get another to be yours, the more you lose the love you have for yourself. You become so enamored with the thought of having one person in your life that loving yourself is a backhanded thought.

None of the movies show this. None of the movies analyze the thoughts inside the minds of those who have unknowingly entered a one-sided relationship. A one-sided battle. It is too realistic to show, because in a two-hour time frame there is enough supposed reality.

Just understand this…

You will find someone who is worthy of the love you will give them. You are worthy of more than tears wasted over someone who won’t understand certain choices you’ve made. Your love is bigger than the yelling. Your love is brighter than any gift they will give you.

Because when you fight for the one you love, they should see it. They will see it.

That person should see what you have done for them in the process. They will acknowledge your tears and hold you. Your words won’t be another misunderstanding — they will be heard. Your love will be reciprocated. You will no longer feel as if you are in this alone because that person you’re meant to be with will hold your hand through it all.

You will feel loved, and that is what you deserve.