Falling In Love With Fall


Have you ever fallen in love with a season? I know I have.

Each October, the arrival of fall gifts us with its kaleidoscope of colors and sweet delight of sugary flavors. A combination that is simply irresistible. The leaves fall and sweep my heart away with their gentle breeze.

Entering fall is like enjoying a stay at an enchanted castle. I find myself surrounded by grace and a magical story each season. A story whispered to me through the winds, nature expressing itself through its natural scheme of beauty that it owns so well. It shares its wondrous summer adventures and why it must now let go.

Reminiscing with fall is like comparing wounds from separate journeys. I watch leaves fall to rest, captivated by nature’s beauty in letting go. I believe that it is a meticulous art. The choices of peace, clarity, and remembrance that the season chooses over the loss of its dear summer is inspiring. I am continuously inspired to be okay with letting go. Surely the very same leaves that fell always grow again. Therefore, there is power in moving on. I listen to nature take a deep breath as it doses off into sleep throughout the fall, and my heart is reassured. It is reassured of the truth in endings. The truth that the season knows all too well.

Falling for fall is like falling for a fairytale. When I think about the season, I feel the same butterflies that I felt as a child dressing up as a princess. I hear melodies in the air. When the fall creeps around each year, I feel peace. I spend day by day learning patience with myself from this adoring season.

I fell for fall.