Fall In Love Like A Grown Woman


You can’t have the mindset, the strength, and the heart of a grown ass woman and still chase men who live like boys. Because writing hopeless romantic tragedies where we end up sad and alone is outdated content. We need to start collecting better stories to tell, and stop searching for something that shouldn’t be so hard to find. Because your power as a proud, independent woman should be praised, not belittled by a man using what’s between your legs as a form of self-medication.

There is no value in that.

And it doesn’t matter how many times he texts you after midnight, swapping stories and sharing in your laughter. Because ultimately he doesn’t see you as more than quick inspiration, labeling your intimacy as uncertainty. And you have no room in your life for uncertainty or to be a rest stop for a man on the road to self-discovery. Because you are decided. And he may tell you you’re kind and interesting, that he values you, but he is still learning things you already know, and there’s no fucking way you’re a simple lesson for a boy. You’re not a single stitch in the fabric that weaves his broken heart back together.

Your molecules hold more weight than that.

So seperate the men from the boys and start refusing anything less than yourself. The boys will run from women who are fearless, women who can make love over conversation as well as under the sheets. And anyone who takes your intimacy and turns it into anxiety does not deserve an ounce of your heart.

Or your mind.

You’re too busy dreaming big beautiful dreams and making magic happen. So just know that only you can calculate your own worth. Stop wasting the best parts of yourself on men who are far from grown. Start raising your standards to that of a woman who needs no one but wants them because they are able to run wild next to her.

We are no longer writing about boys and fairytales that never have a happy ending. We are here to make way more noise than that. And when you meet the man who is meant to be your partner in all this chaos, you’ll know.

He’ll be the loudest one, cheering you on.