Face Your Darkest Pain To Allow True Love In


You have to feel. To slow down and face the caverns deep in your soul where you buried your broken pieces. All the spoiled hearts and dead wishes of the past. The pain you work so hard to numb yourself from. Dive to the depth of the anguish and rediscover it like an old friend. Welcome in all the chaos and madness- they too have lessons to teach you.

Set fire to the fear and burn it to oblivion. From the ashes, softness and hope will grow. Your darkest scars will bathe in fresh light. Your heart will begin to understand new rhythms of peace.

You expect pain to accompany safety; it has always been that way before. You will stop running and fighting though- your heart will ease into a new comfort you’ve never known.

And it’s different this time. It is not fearful, lonely, or forced. It is not built on desperation and does not manifest in possession.

It is birthed from pure light. Organic, open, and flourishing. It is on time. In all of its stillness, it has no desire to be rushed. It encourages your health and wellbeing. It blossoms from the ashes and purifies your heart- eating away your resentment and struggle until you surrender.

You will realize it is not something you can fight. And you will give yourself up. Completely. It will leave you raw- torn open and singed by fire and desire. Shaken to your core. But as time ceases to exist and the synergy soothes your soul, you’ll let go.

There, in the smallest moments, you’ll know tranquility like never before. You never knew it would be so easy. You nearly float off into the clouds. You stay grounded to earthly things-but your heart grows wings to flock to your greatest love.