Exactly How To Make The Most Of Your Fall, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type


Fall is in the air and our souls are itching to get out there and experience it all. But what exactly should your Myers-Briggs personality do this season? Read below and happy Fall to us all!

ISFJ: You are a lover and a giver. Fall is a great time to get involved with a non profit organization or charity and spend your time helping those who need it whether it’s through soup kitchens or spending time with kids in need. This will bring you the joy and purpose you crave.

ISTJ: You’re all about the memories! Time to get your family and friends into coordinated outfits and do a Fall photo shoot throwing leaves, decorating pumpkins, having Thanksgiving dinner, you name it.

ESTJ: You’re big on planning and hosting events. Your extroverted personality just can’t give up the opportunity to put something together. Get involved with your community or local organization to host a holiday event for a charitable cause.

ESFJ: You have a knack for cooking. Fall is the perfect time to try out all those new recipes. Host a bunch of friends over for dinner so they can compliment every dish. You could even go apple-picking and bake your own apple pie.

 ISTP: You want to be exhilarated ISTP. Take a hot air balloon ride up in the sky, and when you’re done, come down for some ice-skating. Both give you that “wind blowing through your hair” feeling you love.

ISFP: You’re all about the aesthetics and the feelings Fall brings. Take a stroll through the park with a loved one, or go on a hay ride, and take adorable photos in a pumpkin patch. You want to capture the true essence of Fall.

ESTP: The thrill of competition really hits home for an ESTP. Play a game of flag football under the canopy of Autumn leaves, or take a stab at a pumpkin pie eating contest! Either way, your competitive spirit will be happy.

ESFP: The host with the most, ESFP, now’s the time to throw a holiday party no one can forget. You’re not big on planning ahead so ask your ESFJ and ESTJ friends for some help on the operations and logistics. You handle the games and food that will make the night one to remember.

INTJ: You know what to do INTJ. Mother nature is calling out to you this fall. Time to take a hike! You need to plan all the weekend getaways and enjoy every bit of nature you can this season.

INFJ: Intuitive and sensitive INFJ is all about experiencing the beauty of the Fall season. Take a drive down a scenic route. Go to a pumpkin patch to bask in the way the sunlight hits the pumpkins. Grab a cup of hot cocoa, cozy up with your friends, and enjoy the warmth that that comes from the inside as the temperature drops outside.

ENTJ: You love activities that keep your mind and body stimulated. Cooler temperatures shouldn’t stop you. Now is the time to do all of those outdoor activities. Go sky-diving or rock climbing and you can challenge your body while enjoying the crisp Fall air.

ENFJ: You’re a child at heart, full of enthusiasm and wonder. You love everything there is about Fall, including but definitely not limited to, jumping in a pile of leaves. So don’t limit yourself ENFJ. Go to every fall festival and partake in all the events you can.

INTP: You’re inventive, creative, and not a big fan of failure. Participate in a pumpkin carving contest this season. Even if your pumpkin doesn’t win, you’ll get to take it home and make something else of out it, which speaks to your resourcefulness.

INFP: You love the warmth and comfort of Fall. Your favorite thing to do is find the perfect book, the best cup of coffee, and cozy up on your couch in your pjs. If it’s a bit too cold, you’re happy just being home.

ENTP: Your mischievous nature is all about Halloween. So when it comes to haunted houses, you love them, and should go to every single one you find. Better yet, put together your own haunted house or have a horror movie marathon.

ENFP: Pack a bag and go camping in the great outdoors with your best buds. Enjoy the beauty of nature and the spontaneity she brings while you mull over life’s greatest mysteries. Your curious mind will love it.