Everything Is Ending Without Getting Started First


Everything is ending without getting started first. Everything comes to an end so fast that I don’t have time to even catch up. And why is it always something good that comes to an end? Why can’t the good things stay a bit longer?

I felt safe when I was with you. I lied to myself and convinced myself that the casual dating is something I can do. But I get attached too easily. I feel a connection and stick to it.

Despite your weird personality and your distant love, I still managed to get attached to you. And for that I am very sorry.

You never promised me a thing. You set your priorities right away. You were right. You were right in everything except one thing… you said you loved me. You didn’t have to say that. Don’t throw words without knowing their value and meaning. You don’t know what love is. If you did, you wouldn’t be such an idiot in this relationship casual dating thing.

You never let me into your head. I never managed to understand how you felt or what you were thinking. Your mind is so messy and complicated to read. I know you must have good reasons for being how you are. But still… despite everything… you didn’t have to say things you didn’t mean.

We have to learn to forgive people for acting so stupid and hurting us. No matter how mad we are, we have to accept the fact that we can’t completely understand everyone. You can’t feel the exact things I feel and vise-versa. So, blame no one. Accept it and let it go.

If they understand their mistake and come back, good. If not, it’s not your responsibility to stick with them or judge their every action. People who disappoint us are also human beings. You could have done the same.

Don’t stalk his profile, stare at his pictures or read you long, funny letters which made you happy just a small amount of time ago. Don’t become a drama queen. It is not worth it.

Don’t expect anything in return. He may never call or text or try to explain. Don’t hate him for that.

Accept, let go, move forward.

It’s neither your fault not his.

It’s just life.

It’s OK.

You’ll be fine.