Everyone Needs To Quit With The Body Shaming


Body shaming is a part of most of our lives, from early childhood to adulthood. No matter the way you look, it seems as if criticism is unavoidable. Too often you come across the saying, “Men don’t like bones they like meat”, or my personal favorite, “0 is not a size.” So tell me ladies and gentleman, how is it okay to put down a skinny girl but it is the end of the world to put down an overweight body? Seems a tad unfair and hypocritical if you ask me. There are so many articles out there that talk about how fat shaming is so much different and worse than skinny shaming.

Give me a break.

They are BOTH bringing the confidence of a woman down and are both a judgmental attack.

I wish people could understand the role that genetics plays in our figures. Growing up being an extremely skinny child I was constantly ridiculed all the way up to college. Laughing at it now, I’ll never forget walking to lunch my junior year in high school and hearing someone say, “Taylor Gabbi go eat a cheeseburger.” Ok, well for one, that isn’t my name. Two, if those people actually knew me you would be astounded at how much I indeed DO eat. People don’t realize how emotionally damaging it can be to constantly be called anorexic and bulimic. It makes you insecure the exact same way fat shaming can.

So why do we allow ourselves to make others feel bad for how they look when we don’t know their story at all. (Gosh that’s cliche but am I right?)

I think people refuse to get over themselves enough to just end the fat/skinny shaming. Why can’t we all just strive to have a healthy image and lifestyle and move on from this petty shaming era? Healthy bodies can come in any size. The 170 pound Crossfit woman could be healthier than the 115 pound model. But, hey! She’s 170 pounds with a thick figure, guess we better fat shame her!!

How. About. Not.

There is a clear difference between an unhealthy figure and a healthy figure. Obviously, a 500 pound person is most likely unhealthy, but this doesn’t mean we should shame that person. Instead, why don’t we offer our help and knowledge on nutrition and fitness? Why can’t we as women help to better others and empower them to get to their best level of health rather than rip them apart for their weight?

Does being judgmental and humiliating and embarrassing someone make you feel better?

Do you really think all of this shaming is doing anyone any good?

No. It’s just tiring, negative, and hurtful.

Basically, what I’m getting at is a healthy body can come in any size. Being healthy will NEVER go out of style, and I am not referring to being healthy just to look good and please these “shamers.” I’m referring to internal health which plays a very important role in your well being, and let me tell you that is one of the greatest rewards.

So who are we to pick a stranger out and talk about how fat or thin they are? Stop body shaming everyone you walk by and take a look at yourself to see how you can better your own health and your attitude, because no one has time to be negative all day.

Being nice and uplifting can be really fun, I promise.